Creeper World 4 on Linux with Steam Proton

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on: June 17, 2020, 10:45:13 am
This thread is for Linux users interested in playing the Creeper World 4 Demo. The demo has not officially been tested on platforms other than Windows 10, but I found it to be playable on Linux.

If you're a poweruser, you should know that most issues concern support (or lack thereof) for Media Foundation.

I will place the following instructions in order from what works best to what works worst. If you want the best experience, take the first option on the following list. I will also update this post with your experiences, if you post them in this thread :)

Before I get to the guide, here's a list of any miscellaneous problems you might have:
  • If you are shown the "...not available on your current platform" error when trying to download the demo, you may need to enable Steam Play for unsupported titles. Head over to Steam -> Settings -> Steam Play -> Enable Steam Play for all other titles.
  • If your GPU doesn't support Vulkan, it has been reported that the following Steam launch options work to run the game:
    PROTON_USE_WINED3D11=1 %command%

One last thing before the guide. These are the issues that concern every version of Proton I have tried. If you've found a version of Proton that rectifies any of these, please let me know in this thread:
  • In the recorder, when hitting "Export Video", a filesystem prompt is opened to save the replay file. The game automatically fills in the name of the file to be saved, based on the mission name. On my Kubuntu 20.04 LTS, the file name field is pre-filled with hundreds of whitespace characters. If you save without correcting this, the game will hard freeze with no survivors. Make sure to delete everything in the file name field (CTRL+A and Delete) and write your own filename (for example: something.gif).
  • In the recorder, MP4 export type does not work. For me, if I save the file, the game shows some exporting process for a brief moment, but the file doesn't appear. GIF exporting works fine, so if you experience similar issues, stick with making GIFs.

This version has worked near-flawlessly, with the only quirks outlined above. This is primarily because it currently has better support for Media Foundation than the latest official Proton release 5.0-9.

Proton 5.0-9
I've spent the most hours playing the demo on this version. It works, but due to limited support for Media Foundation, the following additional features will not work:
  • The "How to Play" video will not play. The player will open and show you a blank video player.
  • When you boot the first mission (09 Leo, 266), the intro will not progress beyond a certain point. You will hear music playing and a black screen that will never go away. You are forced to hit the [Skip] button in bottom right, at which point the level will start, but you will miss a large portion of the intro.
  • ALT+F4 will hard freeze the game.
As far as just gameplay is concerned, this version works fine. If you really want to see the intro, try the Proton version above.

Proton 4.11-13
I've not played on this one much, but from a quick test this version acts the same as Proton 5.0-9.

Steam Linux Runtime
The demo does not contain Linux binaries. At this time it is not known whether the full game will have native Linux support. At the current moment, take this tutorial as relating only to the demo version of the game.