Energy production by 4RPL, remote collector farms and bigger packets.

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First, a way to allow 4RPLCores to send packets and/or to produce energy/AC when connected.
Example 1: An AC-to-Energy factory, as ac custom unit, couldn't be made now, even with 4RPL. The same with an Energy-to-AC factory.
Example 2: I saw a topic about limited energy packets on a map. As the CNs produce energy, this is not doable for now. Allowing a CRPLCore to send packets would be a possible answer.
Second, the possibility to send energy packets (let's suppose they are yellow) TO the base, like ore mines send ore to it. You could then use guppies to build a collector(or equivalent) farm that sends energy to guppies, which would then deliver it to your base. Then, your base converts these packets to usable energy, like the ore-to-AC conversion.
Example: A unit generating energy from [Insert idea here] and that sends it as raw packets.
Last thing, to reduce packet lag and allow more than 30 EPS, packets that contain 2, 3, 5, 10 or whatever energy units.
Example: A custom dark beam using 60 EPS couldn't be firing continuously, unless it gets (e.g.) 12 5-energy-packets per second.

note: everything suggested here could be adapted to new resources.

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Very Agree!
I Had an idea on CW3 to make collecter-covered places to generate packets themselves.
love this. :)