Creeper World Evermore and Flash

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on: October 07, 2019, 09:54:20 pm
I really enjoy playing the online Creeper World Evermore with it's daily updates.
However, with Flash soon to be discontinued and web browsers dropping all support for Flash, I'm wondering if there are any plans to update the game to run on whatever is replacing Flash.
Can I expect such an update or do I have to get used the idea of kicking my Creeper World Evermore addiction?

PS.  I'm aware that Creeper World has the Chronom feature, so I won't be totally cut off from playing newly generated maps.  But, for some reason the maps generated in Chronom don't seem quite as interesting as the maps which appear online.


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Reply #1 on: October 08, 2019, 12:51:54 am
The thing is, nothing is replacing Flash. You can write a new game solely for the web using other means now, but existing games using Flash will remain so unless they are fully rewritten - that is, built 100% from scratch.

Discontinued means modern browsers such as Chrome or Firefox are going to prevent you from playing Flash content entirely, but so long as it exists on the web it'll be playable by browsers which still allow Flash. We don't know if Kongregate will continue hosting their Flash games, but should they not, Evermore should remain playable here, by any browser that still runs Flash:

What browsers will continue to run Flash is yet to be seen. It could even become a selling point for some browsers to include Flash for those who really want/need it. Time will tell.