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Raiding And Trading Inc Ship Emporium
« on: February 24, 2019, 05:28:30 pm »
ARRG there mateys!

Oh, marketing says i shouldn't do that voice

Anyways! Raiding and Trading inc or R&T for short is a new up and coming business, well we've been around for a bit, just without good marketing, but thats rambling! we offer many a fine ship to those who fight those damned galcorp dogs

Now you may think we're thieves and pirates due to the name, but no, we only take from those who dare attack us, otherwise ships are free to be bought by anyone willing to buy on the black markets

Our grand ship list:
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I hope all non Gal-corp friendly fleets can one day benefit from what we've made, R&T is still a rather small group, so those 7 ships are all we have for now

(to break character for a second, i'd like to thank decagon for giving me the motivation to make these ships and upload them, thank you :) )