Small bug in CW1

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on: February 20, 2019, 10:18:37 pm
I lost all of my old settings files, so I'm having to start fresh with CW1.  I did notice a small bug in the "Anniversary" edition that I bought and downloaded today. 

When I started the game for the first time, I went into "Story" and chose "Hope".  It loaded the background galaxy image, and when the text started for the cut scene (or just before), I hit the space bar to skip.  That kicked me back to the main menu.  When I then went back into Story, I got the galaxy background with just the link lines on it, no round clicky-spots to click on.  I've attached a screen cap.

When I exited the game completely and restarted, everything worked fine.  It was just that very first time I started CW that it happened.  This happened both on my Win10 computer at work, and my old Mac at home, so it wasn't just a fluke on the Windows box.

Not a huge bug, and it only happens once.  Just wanted to let Virgil, et al, know about it.  Probably hasn't been anybody in that startup sequence in a few years anyhow.

Anyhow, see you guys in Chronom in a couple of days, once I get all the weapons back in the tray. :)