Custom Map #6895: CHRISTMAS TREE #3. By: yum234

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Reply #15 on: February 14, 2019, 06:19:27 pm
I was going to post a video; but it wouldn't be watchable as I need to reload save points so many times, as I keep missing things :-D  I take my hat of to you being able to obtain these scores on a single run!
My start is similar to yours, but then I use the bombs to capture areas that take a long time at the end.
One key thing I do is to use the gate joiner to take Pink early on. Put a block on the top pink gate, and gate joiner from green to bottom pink gate (or yellow to pink). This starts taking that lower area. Then move to Brown, and then White.
Once I get to about 270 on the emitters, I take the White area with the gate joiner and a bomb; then Blue and Red fall quite quickly with the gate joiner.
Edit: OK so I re-watched your video; similar ideas. I take Blue before Red; and I also take the bottom right area earlier with a bomb (there is a nasty 450 emitter there that needs taking!)
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