i bought the trilogy 3 years ago but now steam only shows me as having the 3rd

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i can provide my receipt but i bought the whole trilogy back in may 2016. steam has me only owning the third


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Did you buy the trilogy from Knuckle Cracker's site (Fastspring) or did you buy it on Steam?

If you bought it on Steam, you should take the matter up with Steam - we have no control over the interactions between you and your steam library, or over the products showing in your Steam library.

If you have bought directly from Knuckle Cracker, please sens an email with as much possible info to Support@knuckleCracker.com. If they can verify that you actually bought the games, they will re-issue your keys and download links.  Information that can help include as many as possible of
 - proof of purchase
 -  real name and/or address
 - date of purchase
 - email address used in the transaction
 - credit cards used in the transaction

Don't post that personal information here. Put it in an email to support@knucklecracker.com.

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