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"Time Portal" gamemode!
« on: September 25, 2018, 05:44:51 pm »
Time Portals GameMode! 
The idea behind Time Portals: In every map, there is a Time Portal. Feed this Time Portal as much AC as you can obtain as possible. All Time Portals maps will involve losing every building and all 3 CMs to space, with a fully-flooded map, at least once. This is okay. Once this happens, the Time Portal activates. All player units are wiped, all anticreeper and creeper is wiped, everything is wiped. The emitters which got nullified return to their un-nullified state. Then, all the AC you fed into the Time Portal - It comes raining from the sky, with a similar effect to sending a CN to the sky. 
This is still in a beta-ish stage. The Land is too powerful to be sent back into time - Making a 10-height wall in round 1 will remain in later rounds. Main solution to this is currently to deactivate terps, but it can also be used a strategic point. 
As it stands, if you feed it 100 AC in round 1, you'll get 100 AC in round 2, 100 + round 2 AC in round 3, etc. etc. This is an easy thing to change, but I'll leave it as a feature. 
Sprayers can pick up AC and feed it to the Time Portal. So, if 100 AC falls onto the sprayer, and it picks it up with "Turn AC to Ore" activated, the AC will turn into ore, which can in turn be re-fed to the Time Portal. You can disable Sprayers, or leave it (as you're getting infinite AC from Ore Mines anyway)
This is actually a map where Speedrunners might use turtling to speedrun faster. See, Time Portals reset Time. While the limit is still set to around 40-ish seconds (Nullifier arm time and such), 5 hours of turtling will reward you with 5 hours of Ore. 
The following is for mapmakers.
AC comes in droplets of 10. This means feeding 1000 AC will cause 100 droplets of 10 AC each to appear. 
CRPL isn't supported yet. I plan to add some of the basic CRPL functions, though. Flip emitters, slip emitters, ramp emitters, the likes. 
When the map is "Reset", the Creeper gets 0-ed out. Not really a problem for most maps, but if the map starts with, say, 2k creeper in 1 spot so it can flow, the best solution that comes to mind is make an emitter that has 0 start delay but 9999999 time delay. 
The above also applies to any start-of-map units.
How to add this to your map:
Step 0: Get some way to unzip the .zip file.

1. You're gonna need to make a lot of CRPL cores manually. First, the TimePortal. You'll need a CRPL core with TimePortal script on it. If it dies, you can no longer add AC to the Network. 
2. Second, you'll need a CRPL core with Brain.crpl script on it. IF THIS CORE DIES, THE OTHER SCRIPTS DO NOTHING. Setting it to invisible and off-map works well.
3. Lastly, you'll need to add the Database scripts. There's no database script for the Inhibitor (Time can't go backward after that one, you just win) but there's a Database script for the Emitter, SporeTower, AETower, and Runner Nest. You'll also need to add CRPL cores with the PowerZone script, too, because otherwise any start-of-game PZs dissapear after Reset 1. 
The variables for the Database scripts are already built in. Just change the numbers, and modify for your emitter. 
1 million emit amt, spore payload, or runner payload, refers to 1 height of creeper.
Delay/30 = Delay in seconds
AETowers don't get removed after reset, but it doesn't really matter. I tracked down the bug and it's fixed and all, but it creates a cool effect. 
RunnerSpawners have a weird stage where they need to "build" or something after reset? It's only like 3 seconds long, it really doesn't matter. 
Currently, the images for the resetters are set to the default CRPL core image. If someone is willing to provide a good image, i'll be sure to credit you [HERE] and in the code for providing the image.

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