Author Topic: Custom Map #1168: Suddenly there were Particles. Thousands of them.. By: Rhiwaow  (Read 406 times)


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This topic is for discussion of map #1168: Suddenly there were Particles. Thousands of them.

Author: Rhiwaow
Size: 480x270

map has about 4k particles at all times. you don't get to use your hq, but start with a replacement carrier and go island hopping. several emitters have a delayed activation first test map, didn't turn out what i originally wanted to do, but until i learn how to script myself i guess it'll have to do... was intended as an homage to the game carrier command. released for getting feedback on which aspects might be enjoyable and which i should ditch when i redo this. #testmap


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Now that was something ... where to begin?

That`s actually a critical question on this map. Energy is scarce, enemies are plenty, options are limited, it's hard to survive (at least in the beginning),
the map takes a long time to complete and you need to know a trick or two. No scripts, else I'd say it's sorrontis in disguise :>

You need to get at least some of the omnis before the islands are overrun, else it's probably next to impossible to capture the amp gem factory.
Without the gems, this map is impossible.
So 2-3 starting omnis maybe?

Your carrier is sturdy enough to cross the weaker streams (I ain't afraid of no particles!), so you can flip (if not already done) the single and then the double emitters.
Trying to flip the central emitters meets fierce resistance, amping the carrier to stay out of range of some of the stations does the trick.

With 1/3 of the map under control and some tech upgrades, energy no longer is a major problem. The beginning however felt too long, refilling the carrier took some time.
A little more energy at start?

Getting most of the other islands is a game of patience and ... hey, what does that "Edit Struc" button do? Coooool. Necessary. Easily overlooked.
A hint to use struc could be helpful. As is connecting the struc generating sources.

Now, the enemy carrier. Ignore it. I mean it. You want to flip the last two emitters and destroy the ship spawner first. Disable fighters and particle beams
(they somehow target the carrier) and set cannons to defense. Doable in three attempts unless you get destroyed.
Finally dispose of the carrier any way you want. I just rammed its soft spot. Horray!
Try to do that before it (eventually) converts the lower left cannon. Not sure if the map is still winnable if that happens.
Edit carrier path or make the cannons non-latheable?

The last two islands are a pain to get. Once mired and garrisonned, they can defend themselves. Be prepared to build many omnis for that.
Maybe make it a bit easier for the masses?

Watch the firework. Mission accomplished!


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thank you very much for your feedback!

the "long time to complete" was intentional, as i personally enjoy long maps where i have to tread carefully. and apply some tricky i've picked up along the way perhaps :)

regarding the starting omnis, i think you have a point. i had wanted to have a map where you start with just your carrier, and need to conquer stuff and defend your positions. it changed from that, and i didn't update the start - though i was worried it'd get too easy with more initial omnis, too. but i guess from the ratings that many ppl rather agree with your position, and i can see that it might be tricky without them.

energy distribution... yeah, i guess i should balance that a bit out as well, maybe give some other islands additional energy as well.

the "edit struc" button hint is something i didn't have on my radar, but i take your point. i think the first exchange map i played had that, and it's something i check for right away on every map since :D
but as i gather that was not the experience of the majority, so yeah that's something i'll keep in mind!

the cannon problem: i actually lost that cannon each time i played the map, and had to reconquer it. worked ok when i watched the movement of the enemy carrier - though i tend to go the other island first myself, so its fighters are distracted there. and yeah, ramming the carrier was my favourite solution to it as well, though first time around i used struc to kill it after i had relathed the cannon. however, i first killed the carrier then lathed the spawner, keeping the carrier down by either ramming or shooting it while it was still building.

i didn't really want to make the final islands to be able to hold on their own, without at least some omnis present, as i felt it'd make things too easy if you didn't have to defend them and win by just flipping the emitters. maybe i should add some omni landing spots nearby, so you can use them as beachheads?

thank you for playing, and thank you even more for your feedback!


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> sorrontis in disguise

Agreed 100% ;-D This map was excellent, forcing different strategies to take and keep the different islands while balancing resources. I personally don't mind having to micromanage the start of the game, it's not like it's 30 minutes past a save point and something comes out of left field to wipe out the fleet.

A lot of Sorrontis's maps are rated too low because of difficulty or novelty, you might expect some of the same. 10/10 from me though, keep it up!
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thank you very much :)
based on the comments, i looked at the sorrontis maps, and found quite a few to my liking as well... except the one where suddenly all hell broke lose without warning, new stuff appeared all over the map and everything just kept on exploding (possibly because i had left stuff all over the map that i didn't need for the next advance, and thus triggered all the presumed "now fight your way back" events at once). but in general, yeah i do like a challenge to overcome myself, feels like i've accomplished something :)