[CW3] CRPL CreateSpore first instantly exploding spore kills network for 1 frame

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  • Where will you be when the creeper waves hit?

What's happening here is: I have created a random map and placed a CRPL core, which spawns an instantly exploding spore every three seconds. The first spore that is launched causes the network to shut down and all Beams in range to target it for exactly one frame. All subsequent spores are not targeted by Beams and will not shut down the network.

Script of the core:

Code: [Select]
90 SetTimer0

GetTimer0 eq0 if
90 SetTimer0

CurrentCoords CurrentCoords 0 0.5 CreateSpore

I've run into this problem in my recent CW3 template, and have effectively fixed it by creating a dummy spore on frame 1 to make sure this visual effect does not occur on the first spore spawned.

Map attached for convenience.