Custom Map #1138: [DA] P8 - All Things. By: Dark Ambition

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This topic is for discussion of map #1138: [DA] P8 - All Things

Author: Dark Ambition
Size: 459x459

Particle Fleet: Resurgence Part 8 "All Things" By Dark Ambition ----- Because it has been such a long time, i've posted a summary of the story so far. If you've forgotten details of the series, you should probably read that summary. I've posted it on this missions page in the forum. Even if you didn't forget, you should probably read it anyway, because it has a backstory that you might not pick up on normally. This map is pure story. The win-condition is a PRPL core that detects when Adalar's ship gets des

Dark Ambition

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Reply #1 on: May 04, 2018, 12:44:59 am
Particle Fleet: Resurgence - The Story So Far

Three months ago, two Corporations went into Redacted Space. Ticon Corporation was never heard from again, but Hale Corporation was able to transmit a data cache to Protected Space before they too were lost. Everyone in Protected Space received that data. It talked about the Particulate. Gave knowledge of the Precursors, now revealed to be called the Seloi Imperium. With this revelation, the people of the United Corporate Confederacy were outraged by the government keeping this perceived threat secret. Companies splintered. Some joined the Anti-Particulate Union, a new rising power, but others rebelled outright. Among these rebelling faction is Frontline Corporation. Formerly part of GalCorp's research division, Felix Caraway gathered all the people he could to go on the fight against GalCorp and the Particulate, alongside CTO Acheron Forge and COO Adalar Verrater.

It didn't take very long for things to start spiraling out of control. Outside of Protected Space, other forces began to arise. Protected Space were not the only people to receive Varro Hale's data cache. One ancient machine entity, known as the Hydraxil Collective, revealed itself. The machines started attacking both Redacted Space and Protected Space, as well as the new faction from an entirely different galaxy, the Hiigaran Defense Force. The HDF were the first to go on the offensive against the Collective, taking the pressure off Protected Space. With seemingly limitless extra-galactic reinforcements, the HDF proved to be a formidable force against the Collective.

With the Collective off their back, Protected Space began sending expeditions into Redacted Space in search of something to gain the upper hand. The Legislator of Protected Space, Trevor Hales, found their first clue when he found an archive with a reference to a planet called Selite, the rumored Homeworld of the Seloi Imperium, located in a Seloi active zone called the Great Sphere. He gathered many fleets of the Corporate Military and sent off in search of the Great Sphere, hoping to find something to give them an upper hand. They found many threats in the Particulate, the Collective, and the Seloi Defense Constructs.

When the Legislator arrived at the Great Sphere, they were greeted with yet another new foe. A newly resurged Crystalid Convergence. The Legislator didn't wait to see if they were hostile or not and ordered the destruction of the Crystalids. This proved to be a great mistake. The Crystalids fought their way to the Great Sphere and allied with the local Seloi Defense Constructs. Just as the Legislator was in reach of his goal, Selite was taken from him, and the last of his fleets destroyed by the combined firepower of the Crystalids and SDC's. During the Crystalid assault on the Wormhole station set up in the Great Sphere, the Legislator sent the last of the Corporate Military forces through the Wormhole, led by Eclipse Company, a Corporate Military Elite Independent Division. The Crystalid forces were devastated and forced to retreat from this unexpected counterattack. The Legislators victory proved to be temporary, however. During what would have been the last battle to defeat the Crystalids, a massive Avatar Rifted in at the last moment to save them. The Crystalids were now under the protection of the Particulate. The Legislator and his forces retreated, and the Crystalids disappeared.

It was during this time that Frontline Corporation CEO Felix Caraway grew tired of fighting GalCorp. With all these new threats, he knew Protected Space must be united if it is to survive. He set up a meeting with GalCorp CEO, and Executor of Protected Space, Sylvester Carper to set aside their differences and merge into one company again. However, during the integration meeting COO Adalar Verrater betrayed them. He and over half of Frontline Corporation ambushed the meeting site. Felix Caraway was slain. Adalar, the new CEO of Frontline, took all the forces he had and retreated to Dalton Harbor. CTO Acheron Forge did not join Adalar, and joined back up with GalCorp, even if he didn't like them. Sylvester decided to keep the research division as a separate entity, preferring to militarize the rest of GalCorp. Thus, Acheron Forge was made the CEO of GalTech.

While the Legislator's expedition to the Great Sphere was considered a massive failure, he did receive some valuable information regarding Particulate operations. He gathered all the fleets left under his command, along with GalTech for faster research, and went to the Mojave Expanse to get more detailed information on the Particulate. He recovered intel that the rumor of the Master Archive of the Particulate might actually be true. And his current end goal is to retrieve that Archive. Adalar Verrater of Frontline Corporation was recently spotted leaving Redacted Space as well, with a hired Corporate Military low level officer Corvo Adeshi and General Warfield of the Horan Galactic Rebel Alliance.

Shortly after the arrival of both the Legislator and the Frontline expedition to the Mojave Expanse, multiple reports of Avatars wreaking havoc in the Mojave Expanse came flooding in. For the attack against the Crystalids, the Nexus of the Particulate was determined to get revenge. The Particulate began swarming the Mojave Expanse, Avatars and Locus Spawn tearing down any fleets they come across in search of the Legislator. The Legislator was forced to retreat to a Bunker installation set up to safeguard members during attacks. Adalar Verrater heard that the Legislator was nearby. He knew that this was his chance to strike a blow to Protected Space, by slaying the Legislator. Weakening his opponents and getting revenge for all of those the Legislator had wronged.

Adalar had just finished rescuing GalTech employee Alexander Klement from Particulate attacks. Alex told them of the two nearest Bunker installations, and that the Legislator would most certainly be in one of them.
But during the Rift jump, Adalar had a very sudden rush of exhaustion. He retired for the next 30 minutes get some rest. But his rest is not calm. He dreams of something unforeseen, a dream that seems far to real, consequences of an action he had not yet done. His mind was in a different universe.
While exploring this new area, he learns of an enemy far more ancient than he could have thought. He encountered an entity known as the Loki Hive, and learns of his superior; The Imperator. The Loki Hive was summoned away from the battle before he could slay Adalar, and Adalar follows in hope of some answers to this confusing mess.