Introducing randomness by Spawning New Emitters

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on: May 03, 2019, 02:38:23 pm
suggestion:. Introducing randomness by Spawning New Emitters
I will jump right to my suggestion, and then make some general comments and return to more detail about this randomness suggestion down below. 

The suggestion:
The introduction of the random challenge would possibly come in the form of a spore which the enemy would seek to land on fertile ground; once the spore landed, it would start a growth process to establish an Emitter in its new location; part of the challenge would be for the player to "nip" the nascent Emitter in the bud before it was able to firmly establish itself.  Another possible variation is delivery of the "Emitter seed" could be done by a ground based entity -- a "critter" carrying an egg which it deposits on fertile ground.

From my very first experiences with the First Creeper World and all the subsequent variations, I have found many hours of joy playing these different maps!

There have been a huge percentage (? about 80%) of maps where I found just the right amount of challenge; basically, that, along with the incredible variety of maps, is the main thing that makes all the KnuckleCracker Games so satisfying and excellent!  Some maps I found to be a challenge beyond my abilities; even when I cheated and used the editor to tone down the fierce Emitters, I still could not win -- for those I commend the map maker anyhow since I am sure there are other players who managed to prevail! 

Back to the details/meat of the randomness suggestion:
If this idea/concept has already been discussed/considered, sorry to bring it up again; maybe something can still workout.  Of course, I also welcome any constructive criticism, and any modifications or variations which would help make the idea workable; collaboration is always good!

There are a number of ways the challenge could be adjusted, either by the map maker or even the player to improve or lessen the challenge -- frequency and also number of eggs, strength of Emitters once established, time to become firmly embedded, percentage and location of fertile ground for the eggs, resilience of the egg spore or egg delivery critter, defensive capabilities, etc.  It could be anything from a minor nuisance to diabolically fierce gameplay!

The random emitter spawn idea  could be included by design as part of Virgil's creation, or it could possibly be added later thru one of the variations of the RPL language ( 4RPL with CW4).  Part of what I like about the idea is it seeks to make it more like real life in that we live with some randomness in our everyday lives.  All the KnuckleCracker games have done an excellent job by so many measures including the effort to make them reasonably more like real life; the idea here would only be to up the randomness aspect a little more.

Apologize for the long post but I felt it was necessary; thank you for reading this far, and have a great day!

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As you observed, it's relatively easy to do this via scripting (4RPL).

There were "hydra"-type maps in CW3, I believe.

You are more than welcome to create similar maps in CW4 once the game has been released.

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