Author Topic: Unit Idea - "Extended Mortar"  (Read 306 times)


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Unit Idea - "Extended Mortar"
« on: November 13, 2017, 12:07:14 am »
Idea for extended mortar: 

I'm gonna need two variables to help explain, x [a.k.a minimum range] and y [a.k.a maximum range]
By using 3d physics, the mortar shoots a projectile at different speeds, at an arc. Due to using an arc, the extended mortar cannot shoot anything from range 0 to x, and y to inf. However, the extended mortar can shoot between distances x and y. 
Oh, it can't go up very many levels of land, either. Unless it has projectiles which go through the ground or something like that. 
Unusable as a front-line weapon, but a line of these teamed with a line of blasters or many mortars can attack enemies from far away. 
Also, the waves made from this are "weaker" than the mortar waves because of 3d physics: the creeper is trying to spread out while at the same time trying to go as a "wave" - therefore, the wave shrinks [?] in size as it progresses towards the target. 
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