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PRPL question - Ships
« on: September 11, 2017, 09:16:00 pm »
Simple question 
Is there a way to spawn a ship using PRPL?
I know there is a way to add a ship to inv, but I want to spawn a ship that:

Doesn't use an inv slot
>However, I am OK with it using an inv slot if it only uses it to spawn the ship

Ideally, but not required:
>Spawned instantly
To use [OUR] Custom Modules, go to Forums/Knuckle Cracker/PFE/Map Makers, Ship Builders, and Coders, Go to the pinned posts, find the one named "Custom Modules Thread", Open it, Scroll down until you find ShipModule, Apply that into your map, do not apply it into map if one copy already exists, Apply the Adder script (Sometimes named "Master.prpl, sometimes [shipname]Adder, etc.) and the actual used scripts [which i will state in my posts]. If one copy already exists, do not apply another copy. -The CMC :-)


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Re: PRPL question - Ships
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2017, 09:23:18 pm »
The short answer: no.

Player controlled is 100% impossible for auto-created, as is dynamic plan generation for anything but plan addition. The best you can do is a preset invisible spawner off-map which does not count for victory, capture the first spawn and keep it far off-map, and pretend to warp it in.

Failing that, you could provide a limited-time blueprint for a warp-in, and have the player create it.
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