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« on: December 09, 2016, 03:35:59 pm »
A helpful little script for mapmakers, which lets you copy and paste land. Useful if you have an intricate little structure that's tedious to make repeatedly, or if you need to get something perfectly symmetrical.

To get this ability in a map:

1. Copy the script into the map's script folder and attach it to a core.
2. Set Custom89pp to a white square.
3. To get it to operate while paused, either clone the core with C and delete the original, or save and reload the map.

Usage instructions:

While nothing is copied:

X - set corner of selection
C - copy selection (will show a green zone if valid to copy)

While something is copied (will show a blue zone):

V - paste clipboard into blue zone
B - export clipboard (writes it to particlefleet/PRPL.txt)
N - mirror clipboard vertically
M - mirror clipboard horizontally
J - rotate clipboard clockwise
K - rotate clipboard counterclockwise

To use the exported land map, copy it into the core's LandInput var and hit apply. Please note that PRPL.txt is cleared every time the map is loaded. If you want to use a copied piece of land in multiple maps, copy it out to somewhere safe first!

Happy mapmaking!
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