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on: November 16, 2016, 04:20:09 pm
At long last, all of the Creeper World games are on Steam along with Particle Fleet.  Everything is also available in one big bundle with savings.  So if you can find someone on the planet who has been wanting the CW games but never indulged... then their time has come. I've also cut the price for CW1 and CW2 to $4.99 each.

CW1 and CW2 have been updated to include a combination of new graphics and music.  They each are also now self contained executables that don't require Adobe AIR as a separate installation. Yay!

If you already have CW1 and CW2, you can get the anniversary versions here:

For a steam copy you are certainly welcome to purchase them on steam.  I won't complain:)  But, you are also entitled to get them for free* if you already have the non steam version (certain exclusions apply, see below).  To get a steam key (by providing your non steam key), you go here:

*Free Steam key exclusion:
Purchases not made through KnuckleCracker.com may not be eligible for a free steam key upgrade.  Certain bundle sales and other stores purchases may or may not be included. 
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