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on: October 30, 2016, 05:45:41 am
I can't recall where, but I had seen a thread where it was mentioned that typos should be reported. So I jotted them down when I noticed any.

There are a couple places where ellipses (...) have more than 3 dots. Unless the whole style supports this (see Phoenix Wright), it's not justified.

A couple random ones, in no particulate order. A search should reveal them wherever they're stored. Sometimes the typos are obvious isolated this way, sometimes I have a couple notes accompanying them, sometimes I don't recall what the problem was.
  • run some calculation first
  • The question is why are they -> The question is: why are they
  • surrounded by ever increasing particulate -> ever-increasing
  • But, something else -> no comma
  • the first empire -> the First Empire? Is it a title, like the First World War?
  • redacted space -> Redacted Space; sometimes the capitals are missing
  • and the signature we found that is evidence of the origin world, all adds up
  • The Abraxian cache was was
  • She secretly encoded a message before she disappeared that I discovered once I came of age. -> (somewhat clunky, may be rephrased as:) Once I came of age, I discovered a message she had secretly encoded before she disappeared.
  • I don't see an GalCorp officers around here
  • of being manufactured -> of having been manufactured
  • helheim -> Helheim)
There are also a lot of missing commas. Some might be argued, but I'd add one in each of the following instances:
  • Thoth what is your assessment
  • With more readings perhaps
  • I can see it Danu, we all can
  • Let's get to it crew
  • Let me Kami
  • Kami, once you are composed please integrate
  • For now we have a fight
  • From the scans it seems possible
  • Steady Ogun...
  • if it's made out of Particulate our weapons
  • That it should sir
  • its mission objective only to
  • so that my friend isn't true anymore
  • Sign me up sir
  • our whole lives Dagr Ticon
  • And you old friend?
  • near these coordinates, but no longer in this system and transmit!
  • Yes, clearly events
Hope this helps!