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on: October 07, 2016, 09:42:28 am
This is my TODO list.  Bugs, features, etc. that are not necessarily thing I will do in the coming few days, but still need to be done in the coming few weeks.

  • Items on this topic:
  • DONE: Added an energy consumption display bar above the energy rate.
    As you can see in this thrown-together map, I've made a script that lets you build infinite amounts of ships. The main application I foresee would not be infinite ships, but say a blueprint that lets you build 5 weak fighters but only takes up one slot. However, if you build any ship but the last one in the inventory, the buttons get shifted around. A PRPL command to AddStockShipToSlot(name slot) and AddCustomShipToSlot(blueprint slot) would remedy this.
  • Allow terrain and character textures (and names) to be customized.
  • Display and dismiss the tech screen with a key (CW3 used 'f')
  • Have a keyboard shortcut for mounting or dismounting an amp gem while a ship is selected
  • Allow map rating at the end of a mission.
  • Make the map restart restart the mission from the beginning when possible (based on mission type).
  • Some achievements have borders or white corners.  Probably on steam and probably because of transparent pngs.
  • Add option to autosave on mission exit
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