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My psychiatrist said I was too happy, carefree and confident about life. He said he could prescribe some depressants if I wished, or he suggested that I max all my credit cards and play the lottery so I could get into debt.

"If that doesn't work, and if you really need INTENSIVE therapy," he went on to say, "I suppose you could... no, that would be too brutal. - - - Although, it might be necessary to... to... I... I can't..."

At that point, he began weeping profusely and turned his head away from me to bury it in his right arm in an attempt to muffle his uncontrollable sobbing. His left arm was extended toward me behind his back, and in his hand was a piece of paper with a simple prescription:

"Play two Sorrontis maps and call me in the morning."

So I'll let you know if this therapy works.  :o

You disagree with this sentence, don't you?