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ARC Custom Module: Rail Cannon
« on: April 22, 2018, 06:01:36 pm »
I suggest editing the damage numbers, currently at 1000 unamped for the spinal Rail Cannon... :)
This is a spinal gun; it fires in the direction the ship is facing. The script without 'Spinal' is the turreted version.
press "R" to fire the gun(left click when you're ready. If a target market does not appear when you press "R", no Rails are available to fire.)

Master-ARCTarget is placed on an invisible core somewhere. It will place itself at 0,0 once started.

Image names corresponding with image locations are located within the code, for all the code
Uses ShipModule.prpl from PlanetFall, and a Master script to place it on a ship

Looks awesome
Cuts ships in half
Holds two shots when fully charged by default
Cool visuals for energy stored
Will scale shot and itself depending on how much space it will take up on the ship
AutoFire Now implemented!
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