Is it possible to make a long decay terrain encased emitter decay faster.

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I was playing this custom map called bored1 the other day.

Because it has max crystals available from the start i had 9 dark beams (3 for the middle, 3 for left and 3 for right.

I was able to nullify the 3 gateways and emitter in the middle in about 3:30 but then had to wait til 5:00 for the left and right emitters to finally break through the long decaying block. The block is completely unminable and no amount of digging round it sped it up, even with the left and right nullifiers having there own warp behind them and pausing and moving frame by frame till i could place the nullifier, the best time i could get for the map was 5 min 16.8 seconds.

Yet the top 7 on the scoreboard have times between 2 min 28.8 sec and 4 min 55.6 sec.

So is there some kind of way to decay the block faster that i don't know about because i replicated said blocks with emitters inside in the editor, with exactly the same stats and it still took somewhere between 5:00 and 5:01 to dissolve.

Sorry for my first post being a bit of a ramble.

Edit: Forgot to mention i had Build cost reduction and Packet Speed maxed
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... blocks with emitters inside ...

Try to wet these blocks also from outside.