4K Monitor Support & Bugs

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on: August 12, 2014, 01:10:22 am
I JUST got a 4K TV/Monitor  ;D It runs at 3840x2160. (See the builders corner for more info)

There are a few bug fixes that seem to be needed.

The big one is when you maximize it to the largest windows possible it bounces between "Bounce 1.Jpg" and "Bounce 2.jpg" with a .5 second delay between the two.

The 2nd issue is that when in a large window it obeys Windows 7x64 scale text to 150%. When running it full screen it does NOT and the Structure/Wepons/Titans/Orbital Menu is too small.

The 3rd issue is the calibrating planetary sensors screen is not large enough, but this is a cosmetic on bug and doesn't effect game play like the other 2. 

None of the issues are really deal breakers, so I do have to say good job on the programming, but can you fix them or are they limitations on the unity engine?

Thanks LvData

Link for full size Jpegs https://imageshack.com/a/1NIz/1


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Reply #1 on: August 12, 2014, 10:24:26 am
The 'bounce' thing I would like to understand more.  I don't see a difference in the two images, but I'm probably not looking at the right thing.  I suspect that the placement of the overview boxes is moving around...

Try resizing the window manually a little bit and see what happens.

As for the 150% font size and all of that... that most definitely should _not_ work.  This is a looming problem with games and 4k monitors in general.  What you see in the game as fonts, aren't actually fonts.  They are geometry and textures just like everything else in the game.  In your screen shots it looks like the whole image/game is zoomed.  The map is larger, the icons larger, etc.  I bet if you move the window a little, or scroll the mouse wheel it might change.  It's either that, or something has told direct3d to zoom the contents of a windowed game.

Btw, what physical size is your display (how many inches)?