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on: December 20, 2009, 12:11:28 pm
Anyway author will do that he wants, so only as my vision:

Possible help
New textures and objects
Can I help with it? Not so good as professional painter but "just for soul".
If it need and possible - I need sprite size, type (as like bmp@32bpp, TIFF@8bpp, other), transparent colour, comments for new objects, API for GFX (if it present) and deadline.

Tactical menu:
Library button will provide a new dimenstion of possibilities and limitations: large q'ty of different units and buildings without rebuilding of menu outfit.
On click opens "construction hotkey custom" window and player selects his own 10 structures from list.

Tactical map.
On different planets is different weather.
In cold creeper frozes and its flows slowly. In hot creeper slowly disappears (fixed minus per turn from all creeper's dots).
Wind is changing rates of flowing (creeper_movement_x = creeper_movement_x + wind_x) and any flying objects movement.
Volcano ("fire" or "lava" unit class) is enemy for all. And it is deadly for anything.
Rain (fixed + for all "water" or other on location map) is probably need, but how to use it in game process? Only with new units and/or sides...

Other side (M/MO/RTS)
For multiplayer game is possible an IP contact. I.e. user writes his partner's IP (TCP/IP v4 or v6), game contacts and adds new player to map/player list/etc.
Classic RTS units?
For some sides ("It's long time passed since...") probably can be used "normal" vehicles (lookup "Vangers" ~_^. English translation is uglier more then 100500. 80% of humor was disappeared) and buildings, for some sides - flying objects as in original.
Unit constructor.
If large q'ty of options aviable why developer must make all himself? Let player to create mixed units (as like moveable reactor or fixed blaster). "Master of Orion", Sid Meyer's "Alpha Centauri" is not fails anyway.
Seems nice with "library" button.
Game modes.
Cooperate, enemies, etc. For multiplayer and singleplayer (possible to add mixed sides, as like "Creeper covered" and cooperative attacks on enemy). This is like it.

Basement part.
3D world.
Probably 3rd dimenstion delivers some fun for players. Tubes, tunnels and coves - nice addition to game process.
No need to description for perimeter player, I think.

Add some notices of unmakeable suggestions for each game, like DX11 support for original CW/CWTS. :)
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Reply #1 on: December 20, 2009, 04:28:15 pm
A few things are lost in translation, but thanks for the abundant list of suggestions :)

The things I am most interested in are creating some different victory condition(s), and possibly creating another unit (or two) for the game.  Believe it or not, but the biggest thing holding up an extra unit is figuring out where to put its button in the user interface.


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Reply #2 on: December 20, 2009, 06:35:23 pm
Its a little hard to understand what he means, but one of the ideas is that a multiplayer experience. I never thought of an experience for multiplayer. I think a 1v1 online would be a fantastic experience to have. Of course it would be a little laggy i am guessing. The only problem I see that could be with this is that you could see what your enemy is doing and how damage would be distributed. Everything would have to have more health. Such as a reactor Vs. Blaster, instead of the blaster 1 shotting the reactors like the creeper does to it... The reactor would need more health... And the Motors would have to be re-worked to target the most dangerous target near it... It would take alot of work, but the thought of a multiplayer experience would be the most badass thing ever. I support that to no end.

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Reply #3 on: December 20, 2009, 07:27:38 pm
actually i made a suggestion for that a while back, virgil was planning on introducing a building that produces allied creeper, the building damage can be done like that, while opposing creepers wipe each other out too, as for the where to put the button i think you should add another column or 2 by decreasing the size of the current buttons


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Reply #4 on: December 20, 2009, 08:10:15 pm
Ooor... he can put a button right next to it in that open space... ;D

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Reply #5 on: December 21, 2009, 04:25:52 am
How do you collect energy in free space? Also, how to grow creeper in -270C :D

Tactical menu: "Library" button
Err... Additional button is 1 button on tactical menu (menu bar on tactical screen). As I see it must be near "cancel" button and be 11th button in "constructions part" of menu (I can't look code, so parts named by me). In that case it will be same with "pause-mute-music" button.

If you mark "hard to understand" suggestions then I can try to get direct link to description video, samples or older games with it and etc usable sources.

PS: Do you need translation service? Manually possible is japanese (not very good but it is) and russian languages.
PPS: About usability: from "youda marina"'s beta - mouse_c= ++c-- = cancel. I.e: if 2-3 times drag mouse to same positions (in range of 5-10 pixels) then "cancel" event occurs.

If some words of text in this post is incorrect or you can't understand it - my PM is for it.
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