Public Beta Builds [Version 2.08 is Current]

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on: October 27, 2013, 05:30:24 pm
This topic contains the latest beta build (if any) for the next public release of Creeper World 3.  I put builds here before I release them via the website, etc.

The current shipping version is the most recent.  Visit the CW3 patches page to download:


Windows 64 bit

Mac OS X


Changes since 1.87
Mar 20, 2014: Rearranged and grouped info on Colonial Maps page.
Mar 20, 2014: Added ability to see median time of colonial space maps and to sort by median time.
Mar 20, 2014: Updated Colonial Space maps to calculate median completion time.
Mar 20, 2014: Separate DMD refresh from DMD rating submit background thread.
Mar 19, 2014: Persist filter criteria in DMD online maps screen.
Mar 19, 2014: Made submit rating button in DMD return to the online maps view and refresh the view.
Mar 18, 2014: Made, play, restart, and return buttons on DMD details screen match layout and color of same buttons in Colonial Space.
Mar 18, 2014: Added sort by rating option to DMD screen.
Mar 18, 2014: Added rating column to DMD screen.
Mar 17, 2014: Added rating widget to DMD map launch screen.
Mar 17, 2014: Make sure ACH_8 and ACH_9 steam achievements can be awarded at the same time.
Mar 17, 2014: Fix issue with scores and corrupt missionstats.dat files.
Mar 17, 2014: Added optional key binding to keys settings for mute functionality.
Mar 17, 2014: Allow holding "N" to run the game at the normal rate (rather than having to press "N" repeatedly).
Mar 15, 2014: Fixed issued awarding sector entry steam achievements when entering alpha,tormented,prospector from Arc Eternal sector map.
Mar 15, 2014: Added sound on/sound off button to game's command bar for quick muting of all sound and music.
Mar 15, 2014: Fixed issue awarding the steam 'Focused' achievement.
Mar 14, 2014: Fixed issues with Area Denial steam achievement.
Mar 13, 2014: Even more steam achievements.
Mar 12, 2014: Added another steam achievement.
Mar 12, 2014: Delete the 'uploaded' file marker when finalizing a map that has already been uploaded.
Mar 11, 2014: Make steam achievement for R.I.P. only apply for a unit that is already built.
Mar 11, 2014: Fixed bug that prevented steam achievements for Arca.
Mar 10, 2014: Hooked up more steam achievements.
Mar 8, 2014: Fixed bug where game would create an auto save, even if auto saves were turned off, if you exited the entire game (closed the window).
Mar 8, 2014: Added ability to rearrange conversation messages in the map editor without having to delete and re-add them.
Mar 8, 2014: Fixed issue where cloning and AoO in the editor would set the AoO to full ammo (which would make it take off immediately).
Mar 8, 2014: Added Inhibitor killed stats to steam.
Mar 8, 2014: Fixed issue with steam killed count stats.
Mar 8, 2014: Removed F12 as a default key binding in steam versions of game (only applies in new installs of the steam version of the game).

Changes since 1.82
Mar 7, 2014: Got OSX Steam version working.
Mar 6, 2014: Make Colonial Space look at the presence of any save game (not just auto save) to determine that a map is 'In Progress'.
Mar 6, 2014: Migrate documents/CreeperWorld3 dir to documents/creeperworld3 dir.  Same for ColonialSpace to colonialspace.  Needed for steam cloud drive support.
Mar 6, 2014: Added support for disabling auto saves at mission exit. (In Misc settings)
Mar 6, 2014: Added support for disabling the splash screen. (In Misc settings)
Mar 5, 2014: Persist normalMouse and normalKeyInput states in save game files.
Mar 5, 2014: Added EnableNormalZoomControl(bool) CRPL command.
Mar 3, 2014: Added SetCameraZoom and GetCameraZoom CRPL calls.
Mar 3, 2014: Fixed issue with not clearing a dmdcode from a saved map when loaded in a different sector.
Mar 1, 2014: Show the count of completed DMD mission at the top of the DMD screen.
Feb 28, 2014:  Hooked up more steam achievements.
Feb 27, 2014: Added "COUNT" on TechArtifacts when using SetScriptVar.
Feb 27, 2014: Made it so SetBuildLimit in CRPL would work on CommandNodes.
Feb 26, 2014: Fixed bug that could cause Colonial Space thumbnails to stop loading if you left the screen while they were loading.
Feb 26, 2014: Added a series of mission based steam achievements.
Feb 26, 2014: Implemented Steam stats and achievements APIs.
Feb 26, 2014: Added a question make to the end of "Save to Slot 1".

Changes since 1.80
Feb 13, 2014: Updated copyright.
Feb 12, 2014: Made text filter in Colonial Space also do a substring search across the author.  "Author:AAA" still works for an exact match of the author field.
Feb 12, 2014: Added a checkbox for "My Ratings" next to Min Rating map filter in Colonial Space.
Feb 12, 2014: Fixed bug with modified effect play times bot being reset when pooled.

Changes since 1.79
Feb 11, 2014: Added a Reset Missions button to Arc Eternal.  Nukes inhbited stats, mission stats, and all save game files for Arc Eternal missions.
Feb 11, 2014: Moved unlocks for main menu items to GameSettings.xml.  Completion of missions still initially unlocks items.
Feb 11, 2014: Added GetCellOccupiedCount and SetCellOccupiedCount CRPL apis.
Feb 10, 2014: Added support for showing news line on main menu.

Changes since 1.76
Feb 5, 2014: Fixed save game issue when using certain names for customs images.
Feb 5, 2014: Limit effects #12,15,16 to 30 frame duration.
Feb 5, 2014: Fixed issue that would cause effect #1 to not play when using CRPL.

Changes since 1.75
Feb 4, 2014: In CS, added author:, tag:. desc:, title:, support to text filter box.
Feb 4, 2014: Fixed issue with some CS overview boxes being too tall too short by 15 pixels.

Changes since 1.74
Feb 3, 2014: Fixed a couple small benign typos in the Credits mission source.
Feb 3, 2014: Added ability to click author name in Colonial Space to apply a filter on that author.

Changes since 1.73
Feb 2, 2014: Added CopyList and DeepCopyList CRPL functions.
Feb 2, 2014: Added GetUnitTargetOffsetX,GetUnitTargetOffsetY, SetUnitTargetOffsetX, SetUnitTargetOffsetY crpl commands (allow set/get on other units than Self).
Feb 2, 2014: Make Beams pay attention to CrplTower target offsets.

Changes since 1.72 (Happy B-Day Chani!)
Feb 1, 2014: Make paused core operation not occur while in edit map mode.
Feb 1, 2014: Fixed exception issue caused by damage to crpl towers introduced in 1.72.
Feb 1, 2014: Make AC spores pass through shields doing no damage.
Feb 1, 2014: Limit number of images on a core to 1024.
Feb 1, 2014:  Fixed bug in nullifier target count indicator when Free-Build nullifiers was set in custom map.

Changes since 1.71
Jan 31, 2014: Fixed bug when selected multiple units with different boolean settings in their control panels.  Sometimes the settings would get flipped for other units.
Jan 31, 2014: Added unit red fade indicator when taking damage.
Jan 31, 2014: Added OperateWhilePaused and IsPaused CRPL commands.
Jan 30, 2014: Fixed bugs in SetImageScaleX, SetImageScaleY, and SetScreenPixelCoords CRPL commands.

Changes since 1.70
Jan 30, 2014: Added GetMouseScreenPosition and GetMouseScreenPixelPosition CRPL commands.
Jan 30, 2014: Added Sort order options to Colonial Space (Newest, rating, scores, size, random, and a reverse order).
Jan 30, 2014: Changed random seed for DMD crazy button from timestamp to much more random seed (unique guid based).

Changes since 1.69
Jan 29, 2014: Fixed issue with custom character names not showing on last two characters in list.
Jan 29, 2014: Added "TYPE" script var support for AOO units.  Must be one of "FREEZE", "MASS", "CONVERT".
Jan 29, 2014: Added "AOO" to the list of things CreateUnit can create.

Changes since 1.68
Jan 28, 2014: Added FireAoo(TYPE X Y) command to CRPL.  TYPE must be "FREEZE", "MASS", or "CONVERT".
Jan 28, 2014: Added a light to thor to show when it is connected to a network.
Jan 28, 2014: Change thor texture to trilineal (helps fuzziness during rotation).
Jan 28, 2014: Show load mission widget on DMD launch page if any save games exist for the DMD mission.
Jan 28, 2014: Added support for custom character images and names.
Jan 28, 2014: Increased the volume of the CN creeper alarm from 70% to 100%.  Changed it to a double chirp.
Jan 28, 2014: Re-enabled showing drives/volumes in the file browser (was accidentally removed some builds ago).
Jan 28, 2014: Don't play 1 min warning spore sound if spore warning sounds are turned off in settings.
Jan 28, 2014: Remove a row of description from the CS overview if the title is two lines tall.

Changes since 1.67
Jan 27, 2014: Added options on sound settings menu to turn off Spore alarms and CN Damage alarms.
Jan 27, 2014: Make CN pulse red and play a small alarm sound when it is taking damage.
Jan 27, 2014: Make Thor fire beams at CRPL Towers that are set as beam targets.
Jan 27, 2014: Make Thor not fire beams at AC spores.
Jan 27, 2014: Added CRPL script var MODE {"PACKET", "ORE", "AC"} support to guppy pads.
Jan 27, 2014: Made CS filters tokenize by word and do an 'and' match against the words.
Jan 27, 2014: Fixed problem where AC guppy on a PZ would never take off.
Jan 27, 2014: Fixed problem where AC guppies weren't showing proper ammo totals in their info display.

Changes since 1.66
Jan 24, 2014: Fix small visual problem with the keyboard and bump scroll sliders in the settings.
Jan 24, 2014: Make info label for unit limits and nullifier target count have a fixed size and not obey map zoom.
Jan 24, 2014: Enable Guppies to carry AC.
Jan 24, 2014: Allow CONST_ISBUILDING attribute to be applied to all units.
Jan 24, 2014: Fixed infinite call loop when one CRPL Towers call destroy on each other from their :Destroyed handlers.
Jan 24, 2014: Fixed scale of white edit boxes behind crpl towers.  It was slightly off and error would multiply based on scale of tower.

Changes since 1.65
Jan 23, 2014: Fixed small issue where rank widget would not show previously submitted rank after returning to the details page from playing the map.
Jan 23, 2014: Added CRPL script vars for setting resource pack type and amts.
Jan 23, 2014: Added option to Crpl Towers so that if they are sniper targets they can make the snipers ignore LOS calculations. CONST_SNIPERIGNORELOS added to crpl.
Jan 23, 2014: Fixed bug where crpltower set to network connectable would not dynamically connect and disconnect as it was moved.
Jan 23, 2014: Added option to make crpl towers be targeted by Beams. CONST_BEAMTARGET added to crpl.
Jan 23, 2014: Make Spore Towers that fire AC spores not count for victory conditions (they don't have to be destroyed to win the map).
Jan 23, 2014: Make AntiCreeper spores white.
Jan 23, 2014: Make Beams ignore spores that carry AntiCreeper.
Jan 23, 2014: Added 'Terraform closest first' option to terps.

Changes since 1.64
Jan 21, 2014: Changed unit update order so that later units update after earlier units (based on creation order).
Jan 20, 2014: Log quality setting and shader graphics levels at game start.
Jan 20, 2014: Update project quality settings so only one option is available (a modified 'good' setting).

Changes since 1.63
Jan 20, 2014: Always set the gui font to arial across all platforms (formerly just on linux).
Jan 20, 2014: Make nullifiers show a count of targets in range before they are built.  Stacked targets only count as 1.

Changes since 1.62
Jan 18, 2014: Produced a universal linux build (both 32 and 64bit binaries).
Jan 18, 2014: Fixed bug introduced in 1.62 where assigning any control group would delete all other control groups.
Jan 18, 2014: In map editor, moved custom image popup box down so clicks don't go through to button underneath.

Changes since 1.61
Jan 17, 2014: Reduced bright whiteness of digitalis growth area.
Jan 17, 2014: Make control group assignment replace the contents of the group not add to it.
Jan 17, 2014: Added glow to aerial units when their base is on a PZ.
Jan 17, 2014: Fixed issue when exiting a CS map the player would return to the list rather than the launch page if some filters was set.
Jan 15, 2014: Fixed issue with gui combo box's coming up with an invisible background texture.
Jan 15, 2014: Updated to Unity 4.3.3

Changes since 1.59
Jan 12, 2014: Show a message if attempting to load a map made with a later version of the game.
Jan 12, 2014: Include version of game in a map when it is finalized.
Jan 12, 2014: Removed a few debug statements.
Jan 12, 2014: Fixed exception issue in LOS code when sniper targeted crpl core moves out of the map.

Changes since 1.58
Jan 11, 2014: Make previous rating show up in CS rating control after clicking Detail button (if there is a previous rating by the user stored locally).
Jan 11, 2014: Make sure visual editing overlay object is not enabled by default (small white pixel in lower left of map).
Jan 11, 2014: Fixed an issue with messageartifacts that are collected in the same frame.  Their message dialogs would overlap.
Jan 11, 2014: Fixed an issue with crplcores that are sniper targets and that move outside the map.

Changes since 1.57
Jan 10, 2014: Force en_US locale within the game at startup (make it the default and set it for the current thread).  Addresses issues in comma using locales with OSX and Linux builds.
Jan 10, 2014: Fixed divide by zero error in CS when windows was made really small.
Jan 9, 2014: Re-tweaked default UniFileBrowser skin.
Jan 9, 2014: Updated UniFileBrowser implementation.  Adds proper Linux support.
Jan 8, 2014: Published first working Linux version.

Changes since 1.56
Jan 7, 2014: Added new CRPL call: PathFindTerrain(startX startY targetX targetY minTerrainHeight maxTerrainHeight avoidOccupied fullCellsOnly).  Return a list of uni-coordinate cells.
Jan 7, 2014: Added new CRPL call: FloodFillTerrain(startX startY minTerrainHeight maxTerrainHeight avoidOccupied fullCellsOnly fillLimit).  Return a list of uni-coordinate cells.
Jan 5, 2014: Make sure clicks on 'Return to Origin' don't fall thru to Exit Game when fullscreen on OSX (from DMD and Colonial Space).

Changes since 1.55
Jan 5, 2014: Fixed tricky issue that could cause the game GUID to get lost.  If a mission is loaded from a save slot, then restarted from the in-game menu, the GUID would get lost.
Jan 5, 2014: Move Detail button under thumbnail in CS.  Expanded height of Desc by two rows.  Tweaked spacing to make everything fit properly.
Jan 5, 2014: Added a keypress combo that will mark a planet as completed (if it is not already completed).

Changes since 1.54
Jan 4, 2014: Make sure to show edit squares on newly created CRPLCores.
Jan 4, 2014: Make sure CRPLCore edit squares don't show up in screenshots during finalization.
Jan 4, 2014: Added some color to the apply filters and cancel buttons in CS.
Jan 4, 2014: Moved map count on CS page into the text of the apply filter button.
Jan 4, 2014: Added a 'downloaded' CS filter.
Jan 4, 2014: Tightened up CS list page so that 4 rows of maps will fit at 1080 vertical resolution.
Jan 4, 2014: Changed DMD 'I Feel Crazy' button to a 'Next Crazy' and 'Prev Crazy' buttons.

Changes since 1.53
Jan 3, 2014: Fixed UI overlap issue when editor a CRPLCore that has scripts attached and selecting a custom image.
Jan 3, 2014: Reworked the CS button row.  Moved most buttons to the launch screen and put a main "Details" button on the list screen.

Changes since 1.52
Jan 2, 2014: Added support for unit group shortcuts (ctrl-1 thru 9 to set, and shift-1 thru 9 to recall by default).
Jan 2, 2014: Make the CS launch screen thumbnail smaller for displays 720 high and less.
Jan 2, 2014: Added a "Details" button under thumbnail in CS screen.
Jan 2, 2014: Removed some debug statements.

Changes since 1.51
Jan 1, 2014: Make it so that only pressing Return on the DMD filter does a query (rather then any keypress).
Jan 1, 2014: Make game download thumbnail from server if the locally cached value varies in size from server's version.
Jan 1, 2014: Make the CS current page persist for the executable instance (not across executable instances, though).
Jan 1, 2014: Show full size (512x512) image on the CS map launch screen.
Jan 1, 2014: Moved "Restart Mission" and "Return" below the save slot list on CS launch screen.
Jan 1, 2014: Changed "Cancel" to "Return" on CS launch screen.
Jan 1, 2014: Added -single-instance command line argument to shortcut for CW3 on Windows.

Changes since 1.50
Dec 31, 2013: Upload 512 sized screenshot (if it exists) when uploading a map to CS.  If it does not exist, fallback to thumbnail creation.
Dec 31, 2013: Create a screenshot of map when it is finalized.  Size to a max width or height of 512.
Dec 31, 2013: Removed Online Scores button from DMD.  Added the score list under the thumbnail so it is always visible.
Dec 31, 2013: Show the map size above a DMD map thumbnail image.
Dec 30, 2013: Show line of text on results screen indicating if score/time are improved from last submit.
Dec 30, 2013: Make game track if scores are submitted or not.
Dec 30, 2013: Added ability to hide and unhide CS maps.
Dec 30, 2013: Updated main menu graphics for stars.  Added a Nebula graphic for CS (thanks to MadMag).
Dec 30, 2013: Color text of CS rating submit button to match the rating selected.
Dec 30, 2013: Only show CS Rating submit button when something other than NR is selected.
Dec 30, 2013: Make CS filters persist in GameSettings.
Dec 27, 2013: Add bounds checking to game coordinates on crpl cores that are set as sniper targets (prevents exception when they move off the map).

Changes since 1.13
Dec 22, 2013: Added a View Topic to the map sections in CS (opens a browser to the forums).
Dec 22, 2013: Updated server API to return forum topic ID's to the game's CS screen.
Dec 22, 2013: Changed layout of the map count / apply filters / cancel controls in the filter box of CS.
Dec 22, 2013: Make the map list auto refresh after applying a rating.
Dec 22, 2013: Fixed issue with not returning to the CS launch page after map victory.
Dec 22, 2013: Added a couple pixels to the Description height so a scrollbar doesn't appear because of the last line of text.
Dec 22, 2013: Consolidate desc, title, and author CS filters into a single "text" filter that substring searches across all of those fields.
Dec 21, 2013: Only show upload buttons in projects list when the local map has a score posted.
Dec 21, 2013: In Colonial Space, only show the rate widget if the map has been launched at least once before.
Dec 21, 2013: Moved rate widget to the bottom of the launch screen map window.  Make submit return to the map list after a successful submit.
Dec 21, 2013: Added a Clear Filters button on Colonial Space.
Dec 21, 2013: Move the Map Count display up into the filter box in Colonial Space.  Supports two rows of map windows at 700 pixel vertical resolution now.
Dec 21, 2013: When exiting a Colonial Space map, return to the launch screen for the map.
Dec 21, 2013: Moved map rating to CS map launch page.
Dec 21, 2013: Redid map view layout in Colonial Space.
Dec 20, 2013: Make the game persist the AdditionalScore properly.
Dec 19, 2013: Added an "Always On" button to sprayers.  Will continuously dump AC if there is nothing to fire at.
Dec 19, 2013: Added limits on fields for uploaded maps.
Dec 19, 2013: Added map# and 'not downloaded' filters to Colonial Space.
Dec 18, 2013: Added an Exit button right underneath the Submit Score button in score submission dialog.
Dec 18, 2013: Added ability to load a saved file slot before launching a Colonial Space map.
Dec 18, 2013: Added status (in progress, completed) to each Colonial Space map.
Dec 16, 2013: Hooked up score viewer for Colonial Space maps.
Dec 16, 2013: Hooked up map reporting mechanism for Colonial Space maps.
Dec 16, 2013: Make it so if negative damage happens to a unit, that health will not exceed MAX_HEALTH
Dec 16, 2013: Added CONST_NULLIFIERDAMAGEAMT CRPL constant (takes a float)
Dec 15, 2013: Replaced stock music Alien Atmosphere space background music with Finn's Space-Music composition.
Dec 14, 2013: Make AC Sprayers dump out their AC payload when destroyed rather than destroying the AC.
Dec 14, 2013: Added length limits (28) to user, group, and DMD names.
Dec 14, 2013: Add support that restricts Colonial Space map uploads to legit game key holders (might help keep down map spam).
Dec 14, 2013: Made it so that aerial units and runners return non-empty unit types.
Dec 13, 2013: Added local persistence of map rating (added to MissionStats).
Dec 12, 2013: Added metadata compression support in Colonial Space.
Dec 12, 2013: Fix small distance calculation issue for Thor bullets when thor is immediately over what it is firing at.
Dec 11, 2013: Bounds check index passed into RemoveListElement in CRPL.
Dec 10, 2013: Implemented map ratings (NR, and 1-10) on submit score screen.  Hooked up database support.
Dec 9, 2013: Implemented core Colonial Space interface.
Dec 9, 2013: Added background image and updated visuals on DMD screens to match Colonial Space visuals.
Dec 7, 2013: Implemented core upload functionality for projects (uploading maps to colonial space).
Dec 7, 2013: Fixed scrollbar issue on custom image editor (last row couldn't be accessed).

Changes since 1.12
Nov 30, 2013: Fixed problem with CRPL compiler where it wouldn't generate syntax errors on mismatched parenthesis (problem introduced in 1.12).
Nov 30, 2013: Upgraded to Unity 4.3.1
Nov 25, 2013: Fixed scripts in TrickyDragon:Terror alpha mission so the mission completes.

Changes since 1.11
Nov 23, 2013: Moved warp syntax resolution before first pass at CRPL syntax error checking.  Allows warping things like endif.
Nov 23, 2013: Added SetScriptVar fields to setting attributes of AETowers, RunnerNests, and Inhibitors.
Nov 23, 2013: Added AETOWER, RUNNERNEST, and INHIBITOR to the CRPL units list (so they can be created by scripts now).
Nov 23, 2013: Removed "Needs Forge" message from totems.
Nov 23, 2013: Removed "Needs Packets" message from Forge.
Nov 21, 2013: Upgraded to Unity 4.3
Nov 18, 2013: Fixed issue in GetEnemyUnitsInRange CRPL function (was counting Strafers, Bombers, and neutral units).

Changes since 1.10
Nov 13, 2013: Preload unit costs to resolve issue with custom unit prices resetting on a game load for units being built.

Changes since 1.09
Nov 12, 2013: Repacked some sprites (corrects some minor graphical issues).

Changes since 1.08
Nov 8, 2013: Updated Alpha:virgilw:Brain map to save and load properly without messing up the time.
Nov 8, 2013: Removed some debug statements.

Changes since 1.07
Nov 5, 2013: Made it so that when viewing scores on a planet in space view, the scroll wheel does not zoom the planetary view (but still scrolls the scores).

Changes since 1.06
Nov 1, 2013: Make GetUnitAttribute for ISLANDED return correct state for flying units.
Nov 1, 2013: Fix problem with CRPL' return' command when nested inside a 'do' or 'while' loop.
Nov 1, 2013: Added "StringLength" CRPL call.
Oct 29, 2013: Ensure that when a power zone levels terrain, it updates nearby collectors to redeploy their soylent area.
Oct 29, 2013: Updated score database to take larger game GUIDS (should fix problem with troublesome trains scores not showing up).
Oct 29, 2013: Updated Egos:Lemal mission so that pin fields redeploy in :Awake (otherwise a small leak could occur from blobs on mission load).

Changes Since 1.04
Oct 27, 2013: Fixed bug that would clear map title (locally only) on score submit page after pressing submit score on an already named DMD map.
Oct 25, 2013: Made Core input var editing easier (can accept illegal values temporarily now).
Oct 25, 2013: Removed exclamation marks from some text in DMD pages.
Oct 25, 2013: Changed "Delete" to "Remove" on CRPLCore properties window.
Oct 25, 2013: Add a column to DMD online maps.  Shows player if they have started the map or if they have finished with a score.
Oct 25, 2013: Bold column headers on DMD pages.
Oct 25, 2013: Added SetDigitalisRaw and GetDigitalisRaw CRPL commands (returns the integer values of Digitalis).
Oct 25, 2013: Make SetDigitalis CRPL command set a value of -1000000 whenever a value of <=0 is presented.
Oct 25, 2013: Added Stop Resupply button to Bomber and Sprayer.
Oct 25, 2013: Fixed bug in AscendToOrbit (would throw exception if no collider was attached to core).
Oct 25, 2013: Make mass driver update soylent area when it hits.
Oct 25, 2013: Removed pop from end of sound that spores make when they hit (wav file wasn't cut properly).
Oct 24, 2013: Update Tonyp's Countdown map.  Added default images to 6 cores at top of map.  Not sure if they were supposed to do anything....
Oct 24, 2013: Updated thepenguin's Troublesome Train 01 tutorial mission.
Oct 24, 2013: Make "Stop Resupply" button disable ore collection in GuppyPad that is in ore mode.
Oct 24, 2013: Added a "Destroy Resource Pack" button to control panel of a Siphon. (Yes you must build the siphon first).
Oct 24, 2013: Added red glow to sniper barrel to indicate how long it takes to recover for next shot (which is a pretty long time).
Oct 24, 2013: Added space before 'challenging' in popup text of Tormented Space in main menu.
Oct 24, 2013: Fixed typo in Farbor mission.  "It's" instead of "its".
Oct 24, 2013: Fixed typo in Farbor mission.  "Improbably" instead of "Improbable".
Oct 24, 2013: Fixed typo in system text of system 5 Andere. "it's" rather than "its".
Oct 23, 2013: Added "Start At" query to DMD page.
Oct 22, 2013: Fixed issue where planet load menu would always force the planet's GUID on the mission being loaded.
Oct 21, 2013: Make sure to not save a map's GUID when saving using the regular save slot menu from the map editor.
Oct 20, 2013: Properly load the REQUEST_PACKETS bool on crpltowers.
Oct 20, 2013: Persist BUILD_COST on crpltowers.
Oct 19, 2013: Made planet in-progress indicator a triangle.
Oct 19, 2013: Added "Most Recently Posted" query to DMD page and made it the default.  Renamed "Most Recent" to "Last Played".
Oct 19, 2013: Fixed bug in PauseGame CRPL command.  Make sure it only incremenets pauseCount if pauseCount is 0.
Oct 18, 2013: Fixed issue with mouse click going through launch button on DMD My Played List
Oct 17, 2013: Fixed issue with escaped apostrophes on the score query function (server side).
Oct 17, 2013: Make ore resource packs wait 60 frames after being empty before destruction (to prevent killing last few ore packets that were dispatched).
Oct 17, 2013: Updated to Unity 4.2.2
Oct 16, 2013: Make bombers not come up one shy when spacing out bombs for dual target mode.
Oct 16, 2013: Make PZ bombers properly space out their bombs when in dual (line) target mode.
Oct 16, 2013: Make PZ bombers not create free AC.
Oct 16, 2013: Make PZ bombers carry 4x the AC rather than 2x the normal amount.
Oct 16, 2013: Fixed bug with saving games that have thor main cannon bullets on the map.
Oct 15, 2013: Updated 4 maps provided by J for his alpha sector.
Oct 15, 2013: Fixed small issue that could cause benign null reference exception when clicking apply on misc settings from main menu.
Oct 15, 2013: Added Misc setting to turn off update check at game start.
Oct 15, 2013: Make shield keys apply automatically upon collection.
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