12-year-old kid builds apps, speaks at SXSW

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on: September 08, 2013, 11:58:33 am

To avoid having to come up with praise for the 40 dresses his Mom bought on a sshopping spree, Ethan Duggan invented "Lazy Husband", an app that could come up with original-sounding phrases such as "you’re look great , you’re beautiful, wow, no, you’re not fat … "

His latest app is "Bargument" - the app creates a fake, but genuine-looking Wikipedia article to support any argument you wish to make. So you can always win any argument. :)

In August, Ethan and his Dad,  Rick spoke at at SXSW Vegas, in a presentation titled “Never too young to build a startup with your kids.” Ethan says he’s looking forward to a bright future in code.

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