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on: August 03, 2013, 07:17:57 pm
Here is the build I put for a 4k build from maingear

Again, the computer will have some Video processing and some mid core gaming.
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Reply #1 on: August 03, 2013, 07:52:53 pm
  Permit me to speak bluntly. If your purpose is to capture video from the Xbox with that device you linked in your other post, then this is a really terrible workstation. It seems  to be intended for graphics professionals. The Nvidia Quadro cards are geared for graphics design using Adobe CS product. They are more pricey than the regular GeForce range and they do a few things differently than gaming cards do.

I read the requirements for that device you linked, and it needs a 2-core processor at 2.0Ghz. Did you see that? Almost any budget PC will do the job.

If you build a PC like mine, it will do the job - just update it to use a more current processor, motherboard and video card. Then save the extra $2,500.

I really can't imagine what that machine they have on the website will be good for as a mid-tier gaming machine.

Here is a machine that is incredible and it will cost you $2600 from Maingear.

Choose the Maingear Vybe Best
Take all the free stuff (discount, extra games and so on.
Upgrade to 32GB memory
Choose the Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 3GB
Upgrade the SSD cache to 60GB
Upgrade the first HD to 2TB
Add another 3-or 4-TB hard drive if you are so inclined.
Upgrade to a Blu-ray optical drive
If you want to, add a WiFi adapter, although there are better ones on the aftermarket.

Look through the other stuff if you want to add stuff, you don't need any of it, but maybe something strikes your fancy.

Order the right size free T-shirt.

Order, get 5-day delivery and then spend the 5 days splurging all taht cash you saved. :)

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