A tiny littel CW2 bug. Yes - THIS late in the game!

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It's probably far too late to be worrying about this, but I've found an 'unintended feature' in CW2.

I'm only detailing it here 'cos it'd be nice if it didn't get replicated in the upcoming CW3.

If you press 'Ctrl C' to 'quicksave' the game, and you have a unit (or units) selected, it also has the effect of connecting/disconnecting that unit (or units) from the power grid (this feature is usually activated by short cut key 'c').

I usually quicksave just before I open a chamber, and I was wondering why sometimes, some of my units would stop shooting. Obviously they were disconnected and ran out of ammo, but I couldn't figure out why - it certainly wasn't intentional.

It's easy to get around now I'm wise to it.

The 'c' (connect/disconnect) button is a huge boon, but it was added fairly late - post release - which may explain why this slipped through.

Anyone else notice this? Or am I the only quicksave user?!

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Reply #1 on: May 15, 2012, 09:25:26 am
I use quick save, I didn't ever realize that

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