Custom Map #1002: my first map

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on: April 02, 2012, 07:01:05 pm
This topic is for discussion of map #1002: my first map

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Reply #1 on: April 03, 2012, 04:12:29 pm
a lot of new map makers make one map, get a lot of negative votes, and never make another.
i hope you'll make more, we all want more map makers, so here is my view of your map.
i hope you'll take this as constructive criticism.
to complete your map all the player needs to do is wait for the AC to fill the screen and build a nullifier per emitter and one for the gateway, and thats it.
no challenge at all, and no puzzle.
also you seem to have placed a number of units (reactors, dark beam) on nothing.
they die at the start, dark beams and the first foru systems units must be built on terrain (you can change their facing in the editor to stick them on walls and ceilings)

maps seem to be popular for a number of reasons
1 fast puzzles. these are extremely threatening maps at the outset but tend to have a simple trick the player needs to work out (Custom Map #989: Challenges: Ring of Death is a good example, but is a long, fast map) also tend to be a single screen. times to complete tend to be <1 - <30 mins
2 interesting puzzles. not to much threat to start, but normally only a few minutes to work out a defence. tend to be larger maps. times to complete tend to be <5 - <60 mins
3 slogging maps. long maps with little early threat (often limited resources) but with hopefully a punishing puzzle if you make a mistake (the rooms maps are long examples of this type). times to complete tend to be >50 mins (sometimes hours and hours)
4 speed run maps. often no threat at all but just a nice map design and a speed run option. (Custom Map #963: A.2 Link is a good example).
hope this info helps.
don't get down about the negative votes. at least you are making maps, lots of people who play don't.

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