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Yeah, I heard on the forums some other folks having issues with these kinds of maps being responsive.  I never ran into that issue and the sleeper scripts are fairly complex (my hats off to those who contributed to the sleeper scripts), but I'm also running on 4GHz 6-core Xeons with 32GB RAM...  Sorry to hear you couldn't claim victory at the end :( 

As for your spoiler comment...
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ok. *this* variant I could defeat.

Took 1:14:35 , and by the time i got there game could not save, claim victory, or exit. Ah well, I am ***not*** re-doing it just for a score.

Dear Jason,
You are a very mean person to make such a nasty level as this, and then label is as the "standard" version.
Either that, or you are some sort of CW3 gameplaying DemiGod, and I stand in awe at your magnificence.


One utterly essential trick needed to have any chance:
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This one's pretty dang hard ;)  But the impossible version is - well - exactly that...  I cannot count how many times I had to save/load/restart/... to find the right timing to beat that one!

Up for a challenge?

Apparently, no
make that HECK no.

I got my butt kicked so hard, I made a calendar appointment to look for it sometime next week wednesday.
Glad you guys like it!

I've been feeling like revisiting this template, might add more features/improvements later down the line. I kind of miss it and I feel like the codebase is in a decent shape.

Also, there's something causing anti-creeper to spill into the void in the north to the east of the 8000.

Yes. I also find out this mistake of mapmaker. One white stargate placed not on terrain. But for me it was not big problem.
Count me amongst those who dislike the canceled upgrades.  How about allowing U and shift-U on the upgrade center itself?

I also dislike the fact that you have evil towers that can't be walled in--level 9 walls only keep out 800 points worth and my emitters were a bit above that when I got that amplifier.

Also, there's something causing anti-creeper to spill into the void in the north to the east of the 8000.
Colonial Space Map Discussion / Custom Map #8007: dont use it. By: RB
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This topic is for discussion of map #8007: dont use it

Author: RB
Size: 50x50

This topic is for discussion of map #8006: Boooring Galactic 11.78

Author: boooring
Size: 190x132

Exchange Map Comments / Custom Map #1463: Spacy Space. By: FOXX
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This topic is for discussion of map #1463: Spacy Space

Author: FOXX
Size: 288x133

Warning!! -> This Map contains Flashing Images. This is an expiremental map i have made a real map from. #EditStruc #ParticlesoverMiredLand #TiconDefenseRange by Stickman #OmniSpawner by Sorrontis
A choice to cancel or keep upgrading would be nicer. Or even better, an option to start/pause upgrades on all emitters. I don't care about lag, I prefer my emitters overpowered. Auto-Cancel destroys all progress on the current upgrades as well?
Exchange Map Comments / Re: Custom Map #1462: GMM F5. By: FOXX
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I love this maps foxx, keep em coming!!!
Thanks Alche
I recently got a totem input so i decided to make some maps with totems but i am going to make more GMM maps but these maps take a long time to make so they are not coming fast ;)