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Loads of fun, another great map Yum!
This topic is for discussion of map #9048: map 1410 Weekend Game

Author: yum234
Size: 200x150

Traditional CW3 game without crpl but with some elements of puzzle. Please enjoy and Good lu! (Good lu = Good luck) #CreeperWorldForever
Ships / Ship #4467: Dengo. Designer: TheRex
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This topic is for discussion of ship #4467: Dengo

Size: 24x15
Designer: TheRex

Exchange Map Comments / Custom Map #1610: Just Go Right. By: FOXX
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This topic is for discussion of map #1610: Just Go Right

Author: FOXX
Size: 500x128

Another version of this concept. Scripts by Stickman & FOXX InstabuildPylon by GoodMorning #Spawalot #Waves #PFETD #EditStruc #ParticlesOverMiredLand #DoubleLandValue #Fields
Big battle. I think the exlcusion towers for the AOO on the inhibitor are a good idea as they force you to play the map. It is good though to be able to get some extra reward early on such as:

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For a first, this is definitely a 10/10. It's a simple level but it's pretty good.
Colonial Space Map Discussion / Re: Custom Map #9037: RS CSM. By: ralfsaft
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Just so you know, you can do the entire top part of the map without using the blasters or mortars. Apparently I either can't read or can't remember what I've read - didn't discover the blasters & mortars until I was halfway through the bottom.

Concur. I did all but the final island only using the singularity before I found the weapons. The played again with the weapons - much easier and more fun!
This looks to be a Sleeper map, not a Play As Creeper.
This topic is for discussion of map #9047: Spores incoming!

Author: Adastehc
Size: 128x84

A map where spores will constantly antagonize your energy supply. Will you be able to set up a defense fast enough? My first map, enjoy!
It's harder than it looks.

And it looks pretty mean, so....