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dkwkrp in the first place in score table. will be interesting to watch video in YouTube of gameplay...  ;)
Thanks guys!

I limited the nullifier to one to add to the jeopardy at the start, my thinking was that you would need to allow build time for the nullifiers in succession within the initial 15 minutes. In hindsight I should have added the tech in after this point, I'm working on a map at the moment so I will make sure to bear that in mind.

I'm not overly worried about the low ratings, I know it won't be for everyone as it's on the harder side but this is intended for the long running players who like me are struggling to find a new challenging map to play. Some of my favourite maps on here were by Jason Stevens and I'm trying to capture that sweet spot of difficult but not impossible!
Colonial Space Map Discussion / Custom Map #8293: FROG POND. By: RB
« Last post by AutoPost on Today at 02:29:08 am »
This topic is for discussion of map #8293: FROG POND

Author: RB
Size: 25x70

Pre-release chatter / Re: Power Generation [Suggestion]
« Last post by GoodMorning on Today at 02:00:43 am »
Rather than debating on taste, I can answer the OP in one word:

Code: [Select]

I imagine that this will prove to be a reasonably satisfying answer to/for everyone.
Pre-release chatter / Re: Power Generation [Suggestion]
« Last post by Grabz on Today at 12:45:56 am »
I think it's also just different, and not anything in favor or against turtling. You can argue infinite reactors can limit map design.

Remember that map makers are going to create maps that they themselves can beat, which will likely include a lot of maps where you will be given a lot of energy, but there will also be a subset of maps that their creators will want to make difficult, and energy ground will be another tool to provide that difficulty.
I heartily agree - this is one of the best maps I've played so far this year!

The description: "Somewhat challenging start" probably could be better qualified if you specified that this map isn't for beginners. I mean, I suppose there might be a few quick studies out there, but I'm guessing the relatively low map score is from people not able to complete the map.

If you're a bit new at this:
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I also agree with marvinitfox that the single nullifier doesn't really seem to do anything but slow down inevitable progress. That would be my only gripe (if you could call it that) in the map. 9/10 rating for me  ;)

What's really cool about this map is that once you defeat the 4th spore tower, the threat is over... but you still have some challenges ahead that keep you thinking, although at a significantly-reduced clock speed.

Thanks for the map, Cal16! Really appreciate your work on this  ;D ;D
Pre-release chatter / Re: Power Generation [Suggestion]
« Last post by Karsten75 on April 07, 2020, 11:08:57 pm »
to the best of my understanding, knucracker is not specifically for or against turtling, or any specific method of game play and/or victory. Hence he has even allowed multiple alternate victory conditions to attempt to please more players on each map.

The major issue with CW3-style rector farms is overhead. Each unit has to be rendered, and planting 200 reactors on the map involves significant overhead - especially if it is of no material benefit to game strategy. It is a rare occurrence in playtesting that energy was a bottleneck, since the towers in CW4 are easier to place and in general provide more power per unit that CW3 collectors did.

In fact, today after some absence I played a CW3 map and I was struck by the slowness of the game. I can only liken it to the difference between playing CW1 and CW3. So I think (hope) most players will not really miss having to create enormous reactor farms.

I should also mention that those reactor farms in CW3 were significant contributors to game lag. Something that will not plague CW4. 
Pre-release chatter / Re: Power Generation [Suggestion]
« Last post by Ninja on April 07, 2020, 10:23:08 pm »
I feel like this was totally a way to reduce the ability to turtle and try to make it so there's less of a "turtle" phase if the mapmaker wants there to be less of that ability. If so, as a dedicated turtle myself, I actually like this change.
Nice speedrun map!  ;)

I think someone could probably finish this in under 90 seconds, but it'd require more pausing than I'd like to do I think.

Thanks for the map!  ;D
Custom Map Comments / Re: Custom Map: Corona Boredom 9
« Last post by Anonymeus on April 07, 2020, 04:41:40 pm »
lovely set of maps.. please keep them coming!