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After stalling for some time, I eventually got one in on the NE edge. With that, it's easy to expand. No idea what made the difference ther, I think there was a slow accumulation. Also, don't spread too thin - cut Digi on land to slow but not stop Creeper, which causes a buildup next to it.
It was fun. Til the last wave when the cannons can snipe you at any part of the map and all my units get instagibbed.
Interesting doable map, but not easy.
No, this is actually very hard, no way to get the push creeper option to work and and no way to build any additional emmitier since no way to get digitalis in the power zone location.
different tile colors, but using cw3 stuff is not good, use different custom colors for the map.
Good to see some easy maps, not always the extreme strategy several hours very slow maps we always see.
Map Makers, Ship Builders, and Coders / Re: Pass the Map 2!
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Having reread the rules, LOCKED.

Edit: UNLOCKED. W square. Light changes to the N. Balancing honours go to whoever does the last square.
It was a strange one this PH, the start took several failed attempts to get right as I wanted control of all digitalis on the right side of the map pretty much from the start. The spores caught me out from both sides and the digitalis broke through on a couple of occasions. It was then easy to advance left but the final challenges where a real push. It is unusual to have a chellengin finale and so have to commend that!
Om nom nom particulates devoured.
Also managed to beat svar's time too boot on my 2d try
That was a real love hate map
:)   :(
L   H
Good   Bad
Goodness...  I need to take a vacation

You must be smiling along the way... 
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Two weeks before the events of Particle Fleet: Emergence...

Overwatch: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* Good morning, Mr. Cardigle! The time is -EIGHT- -TWENTY THREE- -AM- You have been awakened before your set time due to a-

Elias Cardigle: Yeah yeah yeah... I got it. Friend paying a visit as usual. *cough*

Paris Poh: Good morning, Eli-

Elias Cardigle: WOAH! Sheesh, man! Can you at least let me out of bed before you sneak up on me?! 'Cause you almost got a show you do not want to see!

Paris Poh: *Chuckles* Sorry, pal. Boss sent me to pick you up. We have a case.

Elias Cardigle: On my first damn off day? *groan* Alright, alright... I'll see you at the precinct.

(At the precinct)

Paris Poh: We're here, Terry.

Elias Cardigle: Who's the new girl?

Terrance Verner: This here is Klay, she's a specialist that was sent in to help with this investigation.

Klay: Greetings.

Elias Cardigle: Just Klay? Strange name. Uh... crap I mean, interesting... but nice... just like... *clears throat* Is that all there is, or...?

Klay: Klay's all you're getting. Terrance, the file?

Terrance Verner: Here you go. (Terrance hands Klay a file with large red "CLASSIFIED" written on it.)

Klay: This morning, we got a report of a malfunction with the local Overwatch system. A Patrol officer reported something, but the malfunction lost the report. That officer is now missing. We think somebody hacked the Overwatch system to and made it look like a malfunction. This isn't the first time this has happened. The hacker has retrieved a lot of classified data, and taken personal like this for ransoms. This is the most recent. Whoever did this is still in this sector, we've grounded all transportation. Find the missing officer. Arrest the hacker. I'll be in my room.

Terrance Verner: You two will have all the resources you need to find them. All you need to do is know what to say, and what to ask.

I'll need you to renew your Overwatch registry as well. Now get to work.

-|- Hello, Officer! Welcome to Overwatch. Please review your file and renew your registry here. -|-
-|- When you have verified your registry, select the File you want to view. If you want to take the job, reply to this post saying which officer you want. You can only take one officer. -|-
-|- Remember that this takes place before PF: E, so nothing that happened in the game, or the other stories, has happened yet. The Particulate is still unknown to everyone, even these two. -|-
-|- Use your resources to find out what you need. Most of the job has to do with questions. So make sure you're good at asking the right ones! -|-
-|- Overwatch is your friend. You use it to access the files you want, and to contact people. If you need a hint, Overwatch is the one to ask. -|-
-|- And yes, this has a direct impact on my story. -|-
-|- You ready, Officer? Go get a criminal! -|-
-|- The game starts when both slots are filled. -|-

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