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Title: You can be a map moderator!
Post by: Grauniad on September 06, 2011, 12:47:45 pm
Creeper World 2 custom maps are accepted through a process of community moderation. Basically that means that a small group of  community members get to see uploaded maps and decide if these maps meet "acceptable standards."

Now this is not a very exciting or taxing job. Most maps should be accepted - if players care enough to make maps, the maps should be uploaded. It is up to the entire community to let the map maker know how much his (or her) map is appreciated through the map comments or soon through a rating system. Map moderators have 24 hours to look at a map and decide if they want to vote for acceptance or rejection of a map - they also can decide to simply remain neutral. More detail is available to map moderators.

What are the map moderator requirements?  Only that we know you and that you play well on the forums. To that extent, if you are a regular here and are interested in becoming a map moderator, you can start by reading this blog post by Virgil (

After that, if you are still interested, send Chani a private message ( Don't send Chani a private message if you don't have at least 50 good messages on the forum. And don't spam the forums to get 50 messags, since that will not play in your favor.

If you send Chani a private message requesting to become a map moderator, she will apply a secret sauce to your application and if the result is successful, you will be elevated to the exalted position of map moderator junior class.  :)

Any questions, please post them in the Support topic for prospective map moderators ( Once you are a map moderator, you will have access to a Map Moderator board where you can ask questions of other map moderators.  One day, when Virgil gets around to it, you may even be able to display your map moderation rank to other forum members.

Here you can see who are current map moderators and how many maps they have approved/rejected:
Title: Re: Call for new map moderators
Post by: Grauniad on October 08, 2011, 07:55:08 am
OK, I keep getting messages from current map moderators telling me why  they think being a map moderator is cool and what I should say in this topic.  I invite all current map moderators to post endorsements in the Support topic for prospective map moderators (