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Title: Creeper World 3 v2.12
Post by: knucracker on February 28, 2016, 11:36:57 am
A new version of CW3 has been released.  It is version 2.12.  For steam you don't need to do anything (other than restart the steam client if you are in a hurry).  For the non-steam version just go here:

Now don't get too excited.  This version doesn't have any game play changes.  It just brings the guts of the game up to speed with the latest tech.  I wanted CW3 and Particle Fleet to be working off the same version of Unity and Steam APIs, so CW3 got updated a couple months ago to the latest engine and APIs.  It's been in prerelease testing for the last few months.

Title: Re: Creeper World 3 v2.12
Post by: Karsten75 on March 10, 2016, 07:50:10 pm
If you have a problem with the V2.12 of the game, feel free to revert to the V2.08 version, you won't miss anything.

Instructions for reverting the Steam version are here:

Here are non-Steam links for the older version:

32- or 64-bit version for Windows:
64-Bit only Windows:           
OSX version:                        
Linux version: