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Title: Achievements
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Achievements list (Work in Progress)

* = Hooked up in the game.  No * means the achievement is not yet added to the game.

ACH_0*Training WheelsCompleted Tempus Story Mission---(
ACH_1*Warp ReadyCompleted Starsync Story Mission---(
ACH_2*Ready For ActionCompleted Tiplex Story Mission---(
ACH_3*Master CommanderCompleted Chanson Story Mission---(
ACH_4*MacGyverCompleted Vapen Story Mission---(
ACH_5*Peak of Good LivingCompleted Meso Story Mission---(
ACH_6*Box Art Mission MasterCompleted Krig Story Mission---(
ACH_7*Failure Has Its Own RewardLose Farbor Story Mission---(
ACH_8*Better Late Than NeverCompleted Farbor Story Mission---(
ACH_9*Patton Would be ProudCompleted Farbor Story Mission Early---(
ACH_10*Dudley DoRightChoose Skars in Arca Story Mission(
ACH_11*Rotten AppleChoose Loki in Arca Story Mission(
ACH_12*Happily Ever BeforeCompleted Arca Story Mission as Skars---(
ACH_13*The Dark LordCompleted Arca Story Mission as Loki---(
ACH_14*Surgical StrikeCompleted Arca Story Mission Early---(
ACH_15*Forty-NinerCollected 100 AoO in Prospector ZonePROGRESS(
ACH_16*Dr. Jones Collected 500 AoO in Prospector ZonePROGRESS(
ACH_17*NihilistDestroyed 20 Inhibitors in Tormented SpacePROGRESS(
ACH_18*Uninhibited NihilistDestroyed 50 Inhibitors in Tormented SpacePROGRESS(
ACH_19*BrainiacCompleted Alpha:Virgilw:Brain Mission(
ACH_20*Positronic BrainCompleted Alpha:virgilw:Brain Mission in under 60 seconds(
ACH_21*Fine Wine Completed both missions in Alpha:Grauniad system(
ACH_22*Size MattersCompleted Metroid in Alpha:MadMag system(
ACH_23*G-ManReleased AC in Credits Mission(
ACH_24*MadMag's MansionPicked up key from MadMag's room(
ACH_25*Shhhh!Find All hidden areas in the Credits mission(
ACH_26*Machine LoverCompleted 100 DMD missionsPROGRESS(
ACH_27*Unlimited PossibilitiesName a DMD map(
ACH_28*Unlimited PotentialDownload a Colonial Space map(
ACH_29*CriticRate a Colonial Space map(
ACH_30*ArchitectFinalized a map(
ACH_31*Ejection Seat Command Node recalled to orbit due to damage(
ACH_32*Rain ManRain Anti-Creeper from orbit.(
ACH_33*Can't Touch ThisComplete a non-tutorial story map without creeper damaging any unit.(
ACH_34*Nip in the BudDestroy a spore tower before it finishes building in Arc Eternal:Egos:Ruine.(
ACH_35*TurtlerTake more than 120 minutes to win a mission(
ACH_36*Many Machines on IxMax all techs (10 on unlimited techs)(
ACH_37*Varro Hale AwardWin 50 Different MissionsPROGRESS(
ACH_38*Aliana Abraxis AwardWin 100 Different MissionsPROGRESS(
ACH_39*Dax Joven AwardWin 250 Different MissionsPROGRESS(
ACH_40*Arc Eternal PioneerEnter Arc Eternal(
ACH_41*Prospector Zone PioneerEnter Prospector Zone(
ACH_42*Tormented Space PioneerEnter Tormented Space(
ACH_43*Colonial Space PioneerEnter Colonial Space(
ACH_44*Projects PioneerEnter Projects(
ACH_45*Alpha Sector PioneerEnter Alpha Sector(
ACH_46*DMD PioneerEnter DMD(
ACH_47*First CollectorBuilt first Collector(
ACH_48*First RelayBuilt first Relay(
ACH_49*First ReactorBuilt first Reactor(
ACH_50*First ShieldBuilt first Shield(
ACH_51*First Ore MineBuilt first Ore Mine(
ACH_52*First SiphonBuilt first Siphon(
ACH_53*First TerpBuilt first Terp(
ACH_54*First GuppyBuilt first Guppy(
ACH_55*First Pulse CannonBuilt first Pulse Cannon(
ACH_56*First MortarBuilt first Mortar(
ACH_57*First StraferBuilt first Strafer(
ACH_58*First BomberBuilt first Bomber(
ACH_59*First NullifierBuilt first Nullifier(
ACH_60*First SprayerBuilt first Sprayer(
ACH_61*First BeamBuilt first Beam(
ACH_62*First SniperBuilt first Sniper(
ACH_63*First ForgeBuilt first Forge(
ACH_64*First BerthaBuilt first Bertha(
ACH_65*First ThorBuilt first Thor(
ACH_66*Collector LoverBuild 300 Collectors in a mission(
ACH_67*Relay LoverBuild 100 Relays in a mission(
ACH_68*Reactor LoverBuild 200 Reactors in a mission(
ACH_69*Shield LoverBuild 25 Shields in a mission(
ACH_70*Ore Mine LoverBuild 15 Ore Mines in a mission(
ACH_71*Siphon LoverBuild 20 Siphons in a mission(
ACH_72*Terp LoverBuild 25 Terps in a mission(
ACH_73*Guppy LoverBuild 20 Guppies in a mission(
ACH_74*Pulse Cannon LoverBuild 50 Pulse Cannons in a mission(
ACH_75*Mortar LoverBuild 50 Mortars in a mission(
ACH_76*Strafer LoverBuild 50 Strafers in a mission(
ACH_77*Bomber LoverBuild 50 Bombers in a mission(
ACH_78*Nullifier LoverBuild 20 Nullifiers in a mission(
ACH_79*Sprayer LoverBuild 50 Sprayers in a mission(
ACH_80*Beam LoverBuild 50 Beams in a mission(
ACH_81*Sniper LoverBuild 40 Snipers in a mission(
ACH_82*Whoops!Build 2 Forges in a mission(
ACH_83*Bertha LoverBuild 25 Berthas in a mission(
ACH_84*Thor LoverBuild 5 Thors in a mission(
ACH_85*Collector MasterBuild 10000 Collectors totalPROGRESS(
ACH_86*Relay MasterBuild 5000 Relays totalPROGRESS(
ACH_87*Reactor MasterBuild 5000 Reactors totalPROGRESS(
ACH_88*Shield MasterBuild 400 Shields totalPROGRESS(
ACH_89*Ore Mine MasterBuild 1000 Ore Mines totalPROGRESS(
ACH_90*Siphon MasterBuild 800 Siphons totalPROGRESS(
ACH_91*Terp MasterBuild 500 Terps totalPROGRESS(
ACH_92*Guppy MasterBuild 500 Guppies totalPROGRESS(
ACH_93*Pulse Cannon MasterBuild 2500 Pulse Cannons totalPROGRESS(
ACH_94*Mortar MasterBuild 2500 Mortars totalPROGRESS(
ACH_95*Strafer MasterBuild 1000 Strafers totalPROGRESS(
ACH_96*Bomber MasterBuild 750 Bombers totalPROGRESS(
ACH_97*Nullifier MasterBuild 750 Nullifiers totalPROGRESS(
ACH_98*Sprayer LoverBuild 600 Sprayers totalPROGRESS(
ACH_99*Beam MasterBuild 1000 Beams totalPROGRESS(
ACH_100*Sniper MasterBuild 600 Snipers totalPROGRESS(
ACH_101*Forge MasterBuild 400 Forges totalPROGRESS(
ACH_102*Bertha MasterBuild 200 Berthas totalPROGRESS(
ACH_103*Thor MasterBuild 100 Thors totalPROGRESS(
ACH_104*First EmitterDestroy first Emitter(
ACH_105*First Spore TowerDestroy first Spore Tower(
ACH_106*First RunnerDestroy first Runner(
ACH_107*First Runner NestDestroy first Runner Nest(
ACH_108*First Air Exclusion TowerDestroy first Air Exclusion Tower(
ACH_109*Emitter AssassinDestroy 20 Emitters in a mission(
ACH_110*Spore Tower AssassinDestroy 20 Spore Towers in a mission(
ACH_111*Runner AssassinDestroy 500 Runners in a mission(
ACH_112*Runner Nest AssassinDestroy 10 Runner Nests in a mission(
ACH_113*Air Exclusion Tower AssassinDestroy 8 Air Exclusion Towers in a mission(
ACH_114*Emitter EnderDestroy 1000 Emitters total(
ACH_115*Spore Tower EnderDestroy 500 Spore Towers total(
ACH_116*Runner EnderDestroy 5000 Runners total(
ACH_117*Runner Nest EnderDestroy 200 Runner Nests total(
ACH_118*Air Exclusion Tower EnderDestroy 150 Air Exclusion Towers total(
ACH_119*First InhibitorDestroy first Inhibitor(
ACH_120*InhibitorEnderDestroy 100 Inhibitors total(
ACH_121*Mobility AwardMove a Command Node(
ACH_122*Upwardly MobileMove a Command Node 10 times in a mission(
ACH_123*VagrantMove a Command Node 50 times in a mission(
ACH_124*GunslingerWin a Prospector Zone mission with only Pulse Cannons and Nullifier weapons(
ACH_125*Fire in the HoleWin a Prospector Zone mission with only Mortars and Nullifier weapons(
ACH_126*R.I.P.Destroy a built unit on purpose(
ACH_127*Industrial NightmareGet energy production up to 2000(
ACH_128*Strategic ReserveStore 1500 energy(
ACH_129*Rainy Day ReserveStore 2500 AC(
ACH_130*Self ImprovementImprove score or time on an already played mission in Tormented Space.(
ACH_131*FocusedWin a mission by destroying only the inhibitor(
ACH_132*Wrath of the GodsFire more than twenty Artifacts of Odin in a mission(
ACH_133*ApexianWin Arc Eternal:Apex:Meso building no weapons other than nullifiers(
ACH_134*Hawking AchievementFire the Singularity Weapon(
ACH_135*No FlyComplete Arc Eternal:Navox:Flick without using Bombers or Strafers(
ACH_136*Area DenialComplete Arc Eternal:Egos:Chanson without the destruction of a Glider or a Glider Factory(
ACH_137*Not gonna VapenComplete Arc Eternal:Frykt:Vapen without activating the field beam.(
ACH_138*Born LeaderScore in the top 10 on a mission with at least 20 scores.(

Additional Proposed Achievements
-Create Creeper Fusion (not sure if I can do this without slowing things down)