Strategic Missile Launcher (SML) V1.3.6

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on: July 20, 2021, 12:42:06 am
The first of my units to be graduated into the forums.
The Strategic Missile Launcher is designed to be a conversion of investment into firepower/tactical missile launch. You must invest heavily into making this super weapon and doing so carelessly can leave you staved of the requires resources.

The way this investment is expressed can be done by vaporizing Creeper or dropping massive amounts of AC. It is also designed with PlayerVsPac in mind as of now.

There are three kinds of missiles as of now:
-A standard, 1,000 ARG payload missile.
-An armored 1,000 ARG payload missile that requires  350 energy to create it's armor once 1,000 ARG is accumulated.
-A slightly armored 1,000 AC payload AC missile.

-Armored and standard have a custom explosion to them once they land.

The armored variant is slower, allowing any trailing missiles to catch up more easily but has 25x the health of the standard which is only ONE. They do the same damage but the armored variant requires energy and will draw at maximum rate. This can cause a sudden deficit if not expected.
-The AC missile has 5 HP, having some armor to it but has all the other properties of the standard SM.

There are also bugs for how the armored missile prepares, no workaround has been found so in the event the prerequisites to the bug occur, the building will self destruct. Just don't swap from armored to any other missile when it's above the standard maximum ammo.

Current version: SML V1.3.6, fixed strange bug with having the silo finish building while set to the AC missile.
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Reply #1 on: August 20, 2021, 12:31:08 pm
V1.3.5 is a major refining update. I have altered the standard explosion to be more fancy and dynamic. The explosion now has 3 radii, an outer, inner, and epicenter, each with their own amount of damage and radius relative to the master DAMAGE_DIST. The total amount of damage the missiles can do in a single area is the combination of all the additive damage references within the Epicenter_Radius. Calculating the actual damage of the ENTIRE explosion is much more complicated.
The further from the Epicenter of the explosion, the less damage but now deals more damage in the Epicenter in total (per-tile within the Epicenter) than the original standard damage.

The AC Strat Missile also has had some refining, having a blue map icon now and some other small changes to it.
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