More PAC Creeper units - Ideas thread.

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More PAC Creeper units - Ideas thread.
on: December 08, 2021, 01:32:31 pm
I always felt that the default PAC, including expansion A, lacked something more. Something more than just moving Creeper around like turning it into eggs for blobs to pick up, making stashes to create sudden waves, pushing it around with Field generators, ect. All of these things involve using available Creeper and trying to achieve a goal with that available Creeper or trying to support it indirectly like with Skimmers from launchers or blobs destroying ERNed units. Everything in the current PAC can be countered quite handily in a Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) style and over coming these counters takes significant effort, like 4 launchers to overwhelm a single unERNed, well supplied AA(Anti-Air)-Missile Launcher and Skimmers are so easily shot long before they can even drop their stun shrapnel anywhere useful.

I want ideas for other units. Ideas like the LURE when compared to the other PAC units. The LURE doesn't directly involve Creeper and instead involves units. It's influence on units is what aids your built-up Creeper, luring Depth-seeking, heavy-hitting units to firing at suboptimal locations. I want more units that affect towers.

Also in PAC, there is no real sense of infrastructure. Sure the launchers have their fire delay reduced after the first launch but then we go back to how it takes 1 Missile Launcher to stop any Spore plays unless you get like 4 per AA which could if been used in Emitters. I want more units that give a sense of built-up infrastructure. The closest we have are Emitters but you tend to always put them on the front-lines rather than to buildup Creeper in the back unless for something like the Egger which consume Creeper rapidly.

So if you have some idea, I would like to hear it. The more wacky and unusual, the better. I like wild ideas.

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