Vertu Air Units (VAUs) v2.4.5

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Vertu Air Units (VAUs) v2.4.5
on: September 15, 2021, 02:31:16 pm
Please consider, the VAU CPack is PAC COMPATABLE!
Also, ONLY HAVE ONE RESTOCK BEACON BUILDABLE AT A TIME! Simply go into "Game" when in the level editor, scroll all the way down, and set the maximum "RESTOCKv" beacons to 1 (if it's not for basic PAC). The VAUs are not intended to EVER consider more than 1 "RESTOCKv" on the map.

If you don't install the V-Tesla CPack in your map however, the summoner will work fine if the player attempts to summon the TESLA. It won't consume Lithic and most importantly, won't explode unlike in the past.

AI (Artificial Intelligence):
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General rules/features/concepts:
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PAC_MODE details:
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-Most descriptions are taken directly from the Summoner with some alterations and edits.-

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RESTOCKv/Restock Beacon:
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Current version: 2.4.5
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v2.1.2 update:
Reply #1 on: October 11, 2021, 04:02:11 pm
  • [PLAYER REPORTED] Fixed the HCPPCAS's ability to fire because I forgot the RefreshUnitLosCache method in the unit... My bad.... Thought it was a worse problem...
  • HCPPCAS's AI will now disarm itself when out of ammo to allow itself to cross into Creeper while moving to the RESTOCK beacon. [UNTESTED]
  • Added ATMOSPHERE DYNAMICS. The higher up a unit goes, the less air resistance it encounters, therefor will have increased movement capabilities based on altitude. There are also atmosphere variables located in the "Governer" script. (Darn bad spelling!)
  • Added damage effects. The more damaged a VAU, the more effects it creates. Current effects are: Smoking and Sparks.
  • Heavily modified VAU HP stats to be more accurate/finalized now that they are important.
  • Summoner should be fully reliable now when it comes to not exploding when you didn't do the thing.
  • V-Tesla integrated into the VAUs, being the bane of skimmers for us to enjoy using.
  • MBF now has a stat buff to all Fighters including the R-Fighter, doubling their Rate of Fire for their main weapon (now shoots green by default, pink when buffed).
  • MBF now has AI.
  • R-Fighter now has a "DIRECT" charge speed identical to the Tesla's OVERCHARGE. This is also it's default charge speed now being double "MAX" charge speed.
  • All VAUs now can move vertically and horizontally at the same time. (Couldn't before due to legacy code and my inexperience at the time).
  • VAUs planned to have interactions with a Creeper Building I have made known as the TCML (TCM) in their scripts.
  • Made the V-Battlestation's shot fancy and now spawns at the end of the barrel.
  • Auto Station now costs 150 Lithic to summon.
  • MBF now costs 1,250 Lithic to summon.
  • R-Fighter now costs 1,800 Lithic to summon.
  • Summoner can now store 2,000 Lithic.
  • Altered projectile velocities of the Fighter and R-Fighter.
  • R-Fighter Laser Missiles now pick a random area to launch to around the target, so all the missiles don't just bunch into a single map Cell, allowing the R-Fighter to deal damage more efficiently.
  • Altered Fighter sounds.
  • Fighter AI now has a deviation between updates, creating desync from other fighters.
Probably forgot a change here and there, this was a very prolonged development of change.
Also still need to figure out how to place images...
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v2.1.6 PAC Compatibility expansion update:
Reply #2 on: November 30, 2021, 08:54:11 pm
V2.1.6 PAC Compatibility expansion.
Within the CPack on the "Global Control" tab is the "Governor" script. Click into that and enable PAC mode by changing the Boolean-like variable to 1 (1=true, 0=false) then simply go into Units and click on the Summoner, move along to "Settings" and into interface, then remove the "Summoner" name in "Player Menu Name". This will remove the Summoner from the player build list for your PAC map. Do the same for the RESTOCKv beacon. Then you are all done!
  • Summoner has an AI to swap it's summon types as certain VAUs reach their unit cap.
    This is in order from: Fighter -> Mobile Battle Front -> HCPPCAS -> R-Fighter.
  • All VAUs will manually disable their ability to be selected by the player when PAC is enabled. Hold CTRL and press "Insert" to force select a non-selectable unit while in the editor.
  • All the units the Summoner AI can summon in PAC mode as of now will automatically enable their AI mode to Rouge (except the HCPPCAS which is hunter). All other VAUs are just stationary on placement like the Battlestation.
  • VAUs will retain their UI widgets except for AI mode and Auto Restock (auto enabled/defined) after saving and reloading from the editor. Meaning if you enable the Battlestation's shield, it will be on when playing the map.
  • Upon mission completion while PAC Enabled, ALL VAUs will retreat. Not just the Fighter.
  • Performance improvements. You can have more VAUs without lagging the game as much.
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v2.3.3 Further Refinement Update:
Reply #3 on: December 23, 2021, 04:14:53 pm
V2.3.3: CPack refinement and fully PAC compatable.
  • Fixed HCPPCAS's ability to realize when to restock. Legacy code wasn't updated long ago, having it only restock when less than 10 ammo which could result in a soft lock.
  • Health changes and all VAUs have 5x the default healing rate by default.
  • I am confidant the VAUs will work perfectly in their current state for PAC maps.
  • Battlestation and AutoStation have a working retreat call now once "destroyed".
  • **Reactor Fighter now has it's long awaited shield. It's a shield dependent Fighter so the lack of a shield made it very vulnerable but with new technology, this "shield" works against Creeper damage now. Making it a beefy tank of 80 HP, 55 HP in shields that regen 100x 10x faster than the new VAU heal rate but only when health is greater than or equal to 25. This means the shield has 500x 50x faster heal rate than the default heal rate, making it nearly unstoppable against non-shield countering weaponry (which don't exist yet for the Creeper).
  • Fighters now pick a location near the RESTOCKv beacon to fly to when restocking. They will always be in range of a Pylon under the beacon placed at a height of at least 15.
  • Fighters have a larger range in picking their location to fly to when targeting an enemy.
  • Fixed some MBF related bugs.
  • All VAUs besides the stations have been scaled down to more "accurate" sizes.
  • Fighters are optimized enough to have 10 of them without extreme performance impact.
  • The Reactor Fighter can now damage PAC LUREs. My version of PAC has this balance change in consideration.
  • Buffed the damage of the Battlestation a bit.
  • Lowered the firing sounds of Fighters and the Alarm sound of Stations.
  • Removed most of the trails created by VAUs and increased their thruster bloom due to scale change.
  • Shaved a few hundred lines of code in many VAUs.
  • Fighters now successfully apply their damage to the damageMap. They will no longer be zealous in overkilling Creeper though the Reactor Fighter's Laser Missiles don't reliably apply to this.
  • VAUs remove their specified target path line when in PAC mode. This only triggers on :Awake so recompiling after changing to PAC_MODE won't visually change this.
  • Also casually added R-Fighter lore.

V2.4.1. Bug fixes and misc refinement.
  • Battlestation and Auto Station no longer spam RefreshLOSCashe creating massive lag.
  • Various bugs related to pro-longed use in a single mission fixed.
  • New Auto Station model and some rebalancing to it.
  • Some additional PAC stuff (don't look for the changes, they are very very small and minor).
  • Reverted settings of scripts to defaults. Not the script user variables, but the unit settings.
  • Nerfed shield regen to make the R-Fighter not literally invincible unless something instantly deals over 55 damage to remove it's shield.
  • Some other minor changes and fixes.
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