Energy production units. v1.3, v1.4, v1.3, v1.5

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Energy production units. v1.3, v1.4, v1.3, v1.5
on: August 01, 2021, 05:04:00 pm
Singularity Reactor V1.3:
(Aka, 0Reactor)
Produces 500 energy after 5 stages of building. It has 4 build stages similar to the Rocket (which has the building then the rocket itself) and a final, charge stage.

This reactor is designed to go along with my resource fabricators (which have not been finalized yet to be put onto these forums) as the fabricators are power hungry. The reactor is made as a final infrastructure building. You first rely on ores and basic weapons, then transition to heavy weapons, reactor systems, and fabricators, then finally, the Singularity Reactor which allows you to become independent with fabricators and use the best weapons available.

Stage 1: Just a regular, boring base structure requiring 800 energy.
Stage 2: Turrets, 500 Lithic. Two Auto Turrets are being constructed which can independently target. Once built, the turrets will be online to defend against any Creeper that comes near the 0Reactor. Lithic used as Ammo.
Stage 3: Core&Shield generator. 500 ARG. Comes with a shield generator same as my V-Shield-Generator (V-ShieldG) but a bit larger. The more Lithic it stores, the larger the shield will be when activated. Lithic used as Ammo. The shield is immune to spores, good for if a spore wave is about to land on the 0Reactor or worse.
Stage 4: Apparatus, 500 Lithic. Once completed, stage 5 is initiated, nothing special about this stage.
Stage 5: Charge phase. 1,000 energy at maximum packet request rate same to when overloading nullifiers. Once the charge phase achieves full charge, a massive energy wave will be shot out due to overloading the magnetically suspended core. After a while, the energy wave will begin to collapse back into the suspended energy core and once it reaches the energy core, the energy core will collapse into an energy singularity and produce 500 energy.

If destroyed (which comes with warning audio when in Creeper), the 0Reactor will meltdown into an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) rather than a traditional massive explosion though will still vaporize nearby Creeper but unlike the V-Reactor, this will stun nearby units in a massive radius and the closer to the 0Reactor a unit was, the more stunned it will be.

V-Reactor V1.4:
A basic reactor that produces 50 energy after taking 200 lithic.
Has audio warning for when it's in Creeper.
Has a meltdown sequence that will vaporize Creeper nearby when destroyed along with a custom explosion.
Scales to the Energy Production upgrade in the ERN port. Each 10% efficiency is +1 energy. Having a max of 60 total energy generating.

V-Rod V1.3:
Also a basic reactor but small scale requiring 25 lithic and producing 5 energy per rod. Less efficient than the V-Reactor but much, much easier to create.
Has a popup text to make it clear that it produces 5 energy due to my horrible habit of not telling that it does that.
Scales to the Energy Production upgrade in the ERN port. Each 10% efficiency is +0.1 energy. Having a max of 6 total energy production.

V-Storage V1.5:
When it's possible to script energy storage, this will be updated. (Unless I am blind/outdated and there is a way to do it now.)
An invincible (for the most part) energy producer that produces 10 energy that's intended to be a pre-built reactor for the player to use. It's intended to be an invincible Ultrac that also produces energy.
Scales to the Energy Production upgrade in the ERN port. Each 10% efficiency is +0.5 energy. Having a max of 15 total energy production
Comes with popup text to inform players it does produce energy.
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