Nullifier Questions

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Nullifier Questions
on: June 20, 2021, 06:43:40 am
2 questions about nullifiers:

- How to detect if a unit is subject of more than one active nullifiers? Unfortunetly GetUnitSuppressCount goes up to maximum 29/30, so more nullifiers do not increment it up to 60 or 90, so I don't see any way other than using GetUnits("nullifier" 9 ....) to detect how many nullifiers are in range, but I cannot detect whether they are activly nullifying anything, because GetUnitSettings("nullifier") returns an empty table.

. How to make a nullifier able to overload a nullifies subject? Somewhere is written, one has to press a "red buttton" in nullifiers UI Panel, but I don't see the button, and I don't find a way to set it by any command. Probably it's so obvious that I cannot see it.


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Re: Nullifier Questions
Reply #1 on: June 20, 2021, 09:59:19 am
Most map making activity nowadays are in the Discord, you are likely to get a more responsive answer to your questions if you ask there. THe game has a link to the Discord, and at the top of the forum there is also a link "Chat".

As for nullifier overload, it has to be enabled in the game settings tab.

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