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Title: how about making sleeper units playable? (PAS)
Post by: Jimragnark on July 01, 2021, 06:18:16 pm
yes yes i know that already existed this on cw3 but it was only 2 maps made but that was not enough :'( but i always love the sleeper gameplay its soo unique.
and i just want to give a idea from heritor or other map makers to think about it
if they make sleeper menace playable like play as creeper?
and no im not going to make because im lazy and not good im CPACK stuff,that is only a suggestion. :P
and i was thinking how this could be possible and i still doesn't know all the cw4 limitations
here comes my ideas

sleeper core
1:choose a starting area to place in a but very far away from the rift lab
2:have a low range build area around the sleeper lab and you can upgrade the range in the sleeper resource factory
3:uses a vortex attack only if the sleeper lab is in danger,pretty much the same as the cw3 sleeper
4:be able to build a variety of units (that is pretty obvious)
sleeper resource factory
1:be not only a resource factory but a forge at same time upgrading units or increasing the sleeper lab build range
2:be able to build creep siphon totems in specific spot that in a long interval it will create 3 shiny thingys that will go on the resource factory,exactly the same thing in cw3 and be able to upgrade or unlock new units,(that spent 25% of my total brain power)
3:and build the resource collectors like redon mixer and bluite miner in specific spots as well(i dont know that is possible to build on the natural resources)
the basic sleeper units
1:collector,pylon,miner,shield,sprayer,nullifier (that is self-explanatory)
orbital attacks
1:not only the creeper conversion but also the spore singularity that requires alot of aether(that is generated from the siphon totems)
titan units or special units
1:bertha,shots a powerful bullet that destroys every units except the rift lab and the resource factory and requires alot of creeper to reload
2:micro rift,it will works like a stargate
3:terps,create mesh
4:beacon:reveals where is the hidden spots that you can build resource havesters

that is all of my suggestion but i still thinks that some thing may not be possible in cw4 but i really hope that some thing may work
i you want to give more ideas feel free to suggest.

Jimragnark ;)